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Goose Biots

Turkey Biots

The useable material is a single feather barb from the leading edge of a primary wing feather from a large bird such as a goose or turkey. Biots are sharply-pointed fibers that allow the tier to simulate tails and sometimes legs or wing pads of insects. Biots can also be wrapped as segmented fly bodies that produce very realistic mayfly duns and spinners.

Goose Biots
Goose biots are normally used as legs, tails and other body parts on nymphs. They can also be wrapped as segmented body material for smaller flies.


Item Description Color Price To Top
SGB2 Stripped Goose Biots, Amber   $2.35
SGB11 Stripped Goose Biots, Black   $2.35
SGB165 Stripped Goose Biots, Gray   $2.35
SGB263 Stripped Goose Biots, Olive   $2.35
SGB310 Stripped Goose Biots, Red   $2.35
SGB369 Stripped Goose Biots, Tan   $2.35
SGB377 Stripped Goose Biots, White   $2.35
SGB395 Stripped Goose Biots, Prince Nymph Brown   $2.35
SGBC Stripped Goose Biots, Combo Pack   $3.00

Turkey Biots
Turkey biots are normally larger than goose biots and have a distinctive darker colored edge that accents the segmentation effect when wrapped as fly body material.


Item Description Color Price To Top
TBQ11 Turkey Biot Quills, Black   $3.00

TBQ28 Turkey Biot Quills, Blue Winged Olive   $3.00

TBQ040 Turkey Biot Quills, Brown   $3.00

TBQ50 Turkey Biot Quills, Callibaetis   $3.00

TBQ165 Turkey Biot Quills, Gray   $3.00

TBQ221 Turkey Biot Quills, Mahogany   $3.00

TBQ277 Turkey Biot Quills, Pale Morning Dun   $3.00

TBQ326 Turkey Biot Quills, Rusty Spinner   $3.00

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