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These are triangular filament synthetics which because of their structure repel water.  These materials also tend to trap air between the filaments which allows them to float or gather bubbles. 
Loose un-twisted yarn made from triangular, translucent, fine diameter filaments, untwisted like large diameter floss. May be used for wings, shell-backs, trailing shucks, air bubbles, wrapped like floss or chopped and blended for dubbing or mixed with fur. Extremely visible in fluorescent colors when used for loop wing parachute posts or dry fly wing topping. Antron collects air bubbles and repels water.  Spooled.
Item Description Color Price  To Top
AY-11  Black Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-87   Dark Brown Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-322   Rust Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-49  Caddis Green Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-72 Cream  Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-95  Dark Olive Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-134  Fl. Lime Green Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-137  Fl. Orange Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-141  Fl. White Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-165   Gray Spooled Antron   $2.20
AY-263   Olive Spooled Antron   $2.20

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