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Fly Tying Tools for the fly tying craftsman.

Bobbins Hair Stackers Pliers
Bodkins Head Cement Scissors
Bullet Head Tools Head Cement Applicators Tube Fly Tools
Combs Hook Dispenser Cups Turner For Epoxy
Dubbing Tools Knot Tying Tools Tying Benches
Fly Eye Paint Tools Lighting Tying Pad
Fly Tying Kit Bag Magic Tool Vises
Hackle Gauge Marco Polo Wax
Hackle Pliers Organizers Wasatch Tools
Hair Packers Parachute Tool Whip Finishers

Tools make the craftsman. Precise tools can do precise work or art. Fly tying is best done if done precisely. All the great fly tiers are known for their attention to detail. All great fly tiers are very picky about their tools. You can usually look at a tier's tools and tell about what kind of quality they can produce and what kind of pride they take in their workmanship.

The best workmanship comes from a bench appointed with the right high quality tools and materials, and also where things are well organized. Every fly tier deserves their own work place which remains set up and ready to receive your talent at all times. It must be comfortable, well lighted and secure from disorganizing hands when you are away.

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