Outcast Trinity Float Tube

Newl Redesign for 2011! Outcast Trinity Float Tube in-stock, no sales tax.

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Trinity side view
Trinity top view
Trinity front view
Trinity rear view
Ultra-light, totally transportable, this is the float tube that redefines fishing access. Tipping the scales at only 7 pounds, the Trinity fits neatly into most backpacks and even gear bags. Designed to be light enough to pack into high-mountain lakes, but tough enough to fish even the most remote backcountry. Donít start your next backpacking adventure without bringing one of these along.


Inflated Size

Tube Dia.

Weight Capacity


Ship Size


41" X 54"


325 lbs.

7 lb.

24" X12" X 12"

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200-000163 Outcast Trinity Float Tube, color navy Shipping Not Included $399

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