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The Fat Cat is the original V-shaped style float tube. This boat features above the water seating which allows the angler to stay drier, warmer in cold water, better fin kicking position, and an improved field of vision. The 600-denier PVC bottom resists snags, sharp rocks and everyday wear and tear.

The seat bottom cushion is 6" thick and the seat back is over 2" thick.  This is more foam floatation than any floatation vest.  This built in floatation makes the Fat Cat series among the World's safest watercraft. 


Inflated Size

Tube Dia.

Weight Capacity


Ship Size

Fat Cat

45" X 64"


300 lbs.

12 lb.

20" X13" X 18"

The original float tube with above water seating and superior performance.

1000 denier PVC bottom / Pack-cloth top
urethane bladder / 1" Halkey Robert valve
foam seat & seat back
NEW large pockets with beverage holder
stripping apron
5-year Warranty
Available in green

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200-000183 Outcast Fat Cat Shipping Not Included Orange/Tan $369

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