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The Prowler is a heavy-duty float tube for fully grown fishermen. The Prowler's full-length inflatable floor is a drier ride for you and your equipment. The new stripping apron has a height adjustment for a customized fit. The Prowler boasts three Summit 2 valves making inflation/deflation easy and simple. To keep angler from getting parched during a long hard day of fishing, a 54 ounce hydration bladder is included.
Weight: 16 lbs.     Buy Now!

Inflated Size: 50" x 64" Fabric Denier
600 PC  600 PVC
Load Capacity: 325 lbs. Air Cell Type: 14 mil. Urethane
Seams: Sewn Warranty: 5 year

Large pockets provide lots of storage for gear.

Lots of floatation keeps the angler above the waterline.

High prow keeps the angler dry on windy days.

Multiple air chambers makes the Prowler very safe.
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200-000240 Outcast Prowler Navy
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