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Force Fins float tube fins are side-supported for stability, adjustable over-the-top, toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles.  These fins fit over most wader feet an/or wading shoes.  One size fits all.
Easy kicking, powerful and fast. Simply lift 
your foot to activate the SNAP of the blade and let the water accelerate through its split-V shape. Upcurved blade focuses water into thrust, instead of bobbing you up and down as when wearing flat fins.
Independently moving wing tips let you fine-tune your position in water with small foot and leg movements- just like the fish.  Turned up blade makes them easy to walk in too!
Fin Blade:
Polyurethane, stiffness 87/rebound 78
Colors: Jet Black
Foot Pocket: Comfort Instep™ included; brings bouyancy to neutral
Foot Pocket Straps: Parachute webbing with easy on, easy off, side-release buckle and keeper.
Fin Straps: Parachute webbing with ladder-lock buckle and Comfort Tubing Heel Protector
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1-year limited
Vortex Generators™ - the bumps on the underside of the fin- accelerate water flow and reduce drag.
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FORCE Force Fins, float tube fins One Size Fits All. $219.95 Discontinued

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