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Bait Fish, FPF Working Flies
These are flies that suit a wide range of saltwater situations.  They are medium size bait imitators.  Many different medium and large size predator sport fish feed on things that are this size.  Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Chinook Salmon, Jack Crevalle, Amber Jack, Large Bonito, Barracuda and a host of other desirable Ocean Fish feed on baits from 4" to 
9" long.  If you want some he-man action, try a 9" FPF along the edges of the coral walls in Southern Belize.  Giant Atlantic Barracuda haunt these places.  Try a T-300 on a 10 weight rod.  Let your fly dead fall down the wall face.  Twitch it as in death spasms.  Works best on an out going tide.  Use piano wire bite tippet.  You only get one of these scissor-mouths per fly.  Some of these fish can be over four feet long.  Occasional  fish to five feet.  Can be very memorable.
Ballyhoo Blue Mackerel Green Mackerel Pink-White Mackerel

K.T.'s Squid

Cut Bait

Mexican Flag Cortez Sardina

Pacific Sardina

FPF Ballyhoo
This is a very good fly for many species of game fish.  Dorado,  Wahoo, Sailfish,  Jack Crevalle, Amber Jack and Barracuda will eat it.
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00741-5x5 FPF Ballyhoo, blue/pearl/red 5/0x5/0 7" $27.95

FPF Blue Mackerel
A very good fly for all species of billfish, one that you definitely need in your assortment.  This fly is fairly easy to cast with the proper outfit.  A good choice for basking Sails.
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01164-5x5 FPF Blue Mackerel 5/0x5/0 9" $27.95

FPF Green Mackerel
Single hook fly. Easier to cast than a tandem hook fly.  
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00706-7/0 FPF Green Mackerel 8/0 8" $27.95

FPF Pink-White Mackerel
Blood shot and wounded, vulnerable and tasty looking. Maybe the number one pick for small Marlin & Sailfish.
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01175-5x6 FPF Pink-White Mackerel 5/0x6/0 9" $27.95

FPF K.T.'s Squid
A very good choice for throwing at sailfish that have been teased up with squid.
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00715-5x5 FPF K.T.'s Squid 5/0x5/0 7" $27.50

FPF Cut Bait
This is a fish that has been munched: cut in half by some tooth critter like a shark, Wahoo or barracuda. This fly is usually cast and let sink with little or no action.  Don't worry you will be able to feel the strike.
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01166-3/0 FPF Cut Bait 3/0 5" $9.95

FPF Mexican Flag
Another wounded bait fish pattern with a little brighter back.
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01174-4/0 FPF Mexican Flag 4/0 6" $11.95

FPF Cortez Sardina
One of the most prominent baitfish in the See of Cortez.  Dorado, Tuna, Roosterfish, Jacks and Yellow Tail eat them.
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24597 FPF Cortez Sardina 2/0 4" $11.95

FPF Pacific Sardina
Big fish fuel.  Dorado, Tuna, Jacks and Yellow Tail eat them.  At times Sailfish and Striped Marlin also eat them.
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06476-4/0 FPF Pacific Sardina 4/0 5" $11.95

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