Water Boatman

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Water Boatman, Morris Water Boatman, Burk's

Water Boatman, Morris

Skip Morris does a lot of lake fishing. Here is what he says about his Boatman pattern:
In spring and fall, water boatmen and backswimmers (which look and act the same and really are the same as far as trout are concerned) fly out in swarms to nosedive into lakes and drive trout wild.
The Morris Water Boatman fly includes all the right parts combined in all the right ways to imitate these important trout-lake insects:a metal bead to hold the fly just underwater like the naturals, a realistic mottled back, a glossy body flashing light as the insects' bubble-encased bodies flash light, and lively rubber paddling legs.
Have Skip Morris's Morris Water Boatman on hand so you can get in on the action when it comes on your favorite trout lake.
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SKB265 Water Boatman, Morris' 14 3 for $8.25

Water Boatman, Burke's
Water boatmen are reported to occur in fresh water through out most of the world. In certain local ponds lakes and reservoirs they occur in dense populations. In the edge water of many local rivers with habitats as diverse as the spring fed Deschutes to the glacial fed Sandy River, water boatmen populations can be very prolific. When other aquatic insects are still dormant from the cold of winter, water boatmen can be very
active. Water boatmen have the hind two pairs of legs fitted with hairs and the outer joints of the hind legs are oar-shaped which allows them to paddle and swim. Adults range in length from 3/16 to 3/8 inch long and are usually dull colored brown or olive. Water boatmen often swim in open water where they are easy prey for trout. They are comfortable in cold water and often a good choice for an early season trout fly in lakes. Water Boatmen are strong swimmers. Retrieve your fly with quick six inch strips. Water boatmen are often prolific in lake edge-water when the lake levels are high in early spring. The best line for fishing these areas is the Teeny 5' Phantom Tip.
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14072 Water Boatman, Burke's 12 3 for $6.75
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