Warm Water Whammy Bass Flies

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The Warm Water Whammy Bass Fly Series
    How To Strip Your Whammy
How To Fish Your Warm Water Whammy Bass Flies 
Methods by: Kevin Price
The angler can modify their stripping technique to impart different movement to the fly as it is being retrieved across the water.  Fluorocarbon leader material sinks, and when the fly is stripped the sunk leader gives the fly a downward motion.  Monofilament tends to float and works better for sliding a fly or staying on top of weed mats. Kevin reports that he has also been experimenting using intermediate-sink poly leaders, and riffle hitching his flies to get some insane darting and zig-zag action.

The Warm Water Whammy is an easy fly to cast, as it slides off the water easily to form your back-cast.  These flies also right themselves if they happen to land on the water upside down. The weed guards on these flies are very thick and stiff, which allows these flies to be fished in  heavy cover.

Watch the videos and you will be convinced that a lot of research and development went into the design and construction of these unusual, but highly productive flies.  We're betting these Warm Water Whammy flies will prove deadly on baby tarpon and snook as well as large mouth bass.

Warm Water Whammy, Yellow and Chartreuse
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SIG1615 Warm Water Whammy, Yellow and Chartreuse 2 3 for $11.85
SIG1616 Warm Water Whammy, Yellow and Chartreuse 1/0 3 for $11.85

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