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Stones Flies, 
traditional patterns to match salmon fly & golden stone fly hatches. 

Improved Golden Stone Stimulator, Olive
Norm Wood Special, Golden Stone Stimulator, Orange
Norm Wood Special, Salmon Fly Stimulator, Yellow

...a male Golden Stone searching for a mate...

Improved Sofa Pillow, Improved Golden Stone, Norm Wood Specials and Stimulator type flies were the leading edge Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Fly patterns of the 1970's and early 1980's. These bushy impressionistic patterns are still very good, 

especially  in fast water areas.  When the giant stoneflies hatch they crawl out of the water and hatch on the bank. They often accumulate in large numbers in the streamside vegetation at the edge of the water.  Here they are actively crawling and mating much of the day.  This activity will land many in the water where they will float for awhile before they get back to the bank.  Trout know this and often station up right on the waters edge to intercept them. An angler who fishes his fly up under the trees and along the edge of grassy areas will often be rewarded. A high floating fly like the Improved Sofa Pillow is often best for this kind of fishing.  

Salmon flies mating in the streamside vevetation.

Improved Sofa Pillow
This old fly is still overall the most popular pattern for the Salmon Fly hatch in our area. It floats well and is very durable.  You should carry several sizes.  When fish get picky, often a size change can turn the trick.
Improved Sofa Pillow
Item Description Size Price To Top
11915 Improved Sofa Pillow 4 3 for $7.49
11916 Improved Sofa Pillow 6 3 for $7.49
11917 Improved Sofa Pillow 8 3 for $7.49

The Norm Wood Special
This golden stonefly imitation may be the most popular fly during the "Salmonfly Hatch"
Tied by Norm Wood
Norm Wood Special tied by Norm Wood. It's rough looking, but deadly.
It works
Norm Wood Special by an unidentified tier.
This fly caught several Redsides.
Tied by Mark Bachmann
Untrimmed Norm Wood special tied by Mark Bachmann.
We're not telling...
Copy of Norm Wood special with a wing that sticks up too high.
Norm Wood Special, Golden Stone
Norm Wood was a very popular fishing guide on the Deschutes River for 30 years. His Golden Stonefly pattern is tied with a wing & tail made from tan dyed calf tail hair.  Calf tail traps air between the hairs fibers and floats very well.  Some anglers believe that these flies will often out produce patterns tied with the more conventional elk hair wings and tails. The lower fly at right was trimmed to the most popular configuration. There are a number of Norm Wood Specials out there.
At The Fly Fishing Shop
Norm Wood Special as stocked by The Fly Fishing Shop.
 We have examined this pattern as tied by the originator, and copies of the original flies as sanctioned by Norm, and flies that are so called Norm Wood Specials done by tiers who had no knowledge of the original concept. The flies we sell are meant to be trimmed. (A picture of this fly pattern is second from the bottom at right.) This pattern imitates a golden stonefly, which is a very low floater. In our experience the Norm Wood special fishes best if it is trimmed to lie very flat on the water. If we sold them trimmed to how they work the best, they Killer fly...
A trimmed Norm Wood Special that has caught twenty trout.
 would be so ugly that you wouldn't buy them. Besides trimming much of the bulk from the fly, many knowledgeable anglers treat the wing with  a high viscosity floatant such as Cortland Dab or Mucilin Paste. This slicks the wing down and makes the fly ride even lower. We learned a great trick many years ago from our friend Bill Howland, who rubbed Mucilin on his Salmonfly patterns and then baked them in the oven so the floatant would penetrate all parts of the fly making them nearly unsinkable. This Redside Trout fell for a low floating Norm Wood Special
The above Norm Wood special in action.
Item Description Size Price To Top
11035 Norm Wood Special, Golden Stone 6 3 for $7.49

Norm Wood Special, Salmon Fly
This is a calf tail wing version of the Improved Sofa Pillow. Calf tail hair has a crinkled texture that traps air and gives it good flotation.  It is also translucent and allows light to pass through it.
Norm Wood Special, Salmon Fly
Item Description Size Price To Top
6085-06 Norm Wood Special, Salmon Fly 6 3 for $7.49

Stimulator, Olive
This fly which was originated by Randall Kaufmann has near cult following in the West.  It can imitate many types of insects including stoneflies, caddis and hoppers.  Be sure to carry some olive Stimulators to mimic the little Olive Stoneflies that hatch during the tail end of the Salmon Fly hatch.
Stimulator, Olive
Item Description Size Price To Top
99502-08 Stimulator, Olive 08 3 for $7.49
11966 Stimulator, Olive 10 3 for $7.49
11967 Stimulator, Olive 12 3 for $7.49
11968 Stimulator, Olive 14 3 for $7.49

Stimulator, Orange
This is just another very good pattern that is most popular during the Salmon Fly hatch of the spring and the giant caddis hatches of the fall.
Stimulator, Orange
Item Description Size Price To Top
11976 Stimulator, Orange 6 3 for $7.49
11977 Stimulator, Orange 8 3 for $7.49

Stimulator, Yellow
This seems to be the most popular of the Stimulator patterns.  It is used as a golden or yellow stone or hopper imitator.  It may rank with the Royal Wulff as one of the all time most popular searching flies.
Stimulator, Yellow
Item Description Size Price To Top
11988 Stimulator, Yellow 6 3 for $7.49
11989 Stimulator, Yellow 8 3 for $7.49
11990 Stimulator, Yellow 10 3 for $7.49
11991 Stimulator, Yellow 12 3 for $7.49
11992 Stimulator, Yellow 14 3 for $7.49
11993 Stimulator, Yellow 16 3 for $7.49

The key to success is "understanding".  You can never know enough.
Understanding the organisms that trout feed on is one of the keys to catching trout.
The Hatch Guide For Western Streams by Jim Schollmeyer 
is great reference material for the trout fisher.
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