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Brazilian Green Butt Purple Unconditional

The Brazilian is a first choice in low, clear water. Iíve always admired Randy Stetzerís claret fly named "Patricia". However, I wanted a fly that looked a little more "buggy" with a darker color scheme. After some experimentation, I found the color combination of claret and copper to be very attractive to summer steelhead. The Brazilian also does well as a come "back fly". If a steelhead refuses my first offering, Iíll switch to it and often get the fish to commit. If Iím fishing a two fly rig, Iíll fish a flashier fly like my Purple Green Butt as a point fly with the Brazilian tied on a dropper three feet up the leader. That way if the fish seeís my searching pattern and refuses it, they get a subtle fly on my next cast as I step down river. I find my best success with this pattern when light is on the water with the sun positioned straight behind the fish. As a side note, this has been one of my most consistent flies on Idahoís Clearwater.

This Brazilian found its mark between the tongue and gum... 
The Brazillian 
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ST01505  Brazilian  5 3 for $7.50

Green Butt Purple
This is my version of what I feel is the most productive floating line summer steelhead pattern. I have landed steelhead from the West Coast to the Great lakes on this searching pattern. Obviously, I didnít reinvent the wheel with this one. I simply gave a pattern Iíve been using for fifteen years a face lift. I love the Purple Green Butt because it offers everything summer steelhead desire... Purple and chartreuse with a little flash. I believe this fly is so effective because steelhead can see it coming from a long ways off. Basically, it just catches their attention.When I tied this version, I wanted a fly that was had a slim profile for greased line fishing in warm water, yet wasnít dressed so low water it wouldnít be effective in colder water temperatures. As it comes dressed from Solitude, itís a perfect silhouette for average water temperatures in the 46 to 65 degree range. Like all of my patterns, I will remove both wing and hackle material with my nippers if I need a slimmer profile in warmer water temps. If the water drops below 46 degrees, Iíll switch to a sink-tip and a larger fly like my Loop Leech. 

This steelhead fell for a Green But Purple... 
Green Butt Purple 
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ST20905  Green Butt Purple  3 for $7.50 Out of Stock

I first tied the Unconditional for Oregonís lower Deschutes River. The White River, a small glacial tributary, meets the Deschutes about fifty miles upstream from the confluence with the Columbia. When warm rains hit Mt. Hood in the late summer and early fall, the White can put a glacial tinge in the lower 50 miles of the Deschutes. The high contrast color scheme of the Unconditional was designed to stand out in this stained water and draw steelhead from a long distance. Iíve always believed blue is highly visible in turbid water. Obviously, there comes a point when floating lines presentations are not effective in dirty water. A good rule of thumb is to walk out into the river until youíre waist deep. If you canít see your wading boots, put on a sink-tip and a big fly like my Loop Leech or Scott Howellís Signature Intruder. However, if the water is stained but you can still see your boots, rig your floating line with a 12' to 14' leader and a size 3 Unconditional. I havenít found a better bug for dirty water.While the fly fishes extremely well in these tough conditions, it has also proved to be very effective under a wide range of other conditions. (Thus, the name). In clear water, Iíll jump down to a size 5. If the fish seam spooky or over pressured they will respond better to a slimmer, less intrusive profile. In these conditions, Iíll trim some of the hackle and wing of the fly with my nippers or a scissors.  
Jeff Hickman with a late season Deschutes steelhead... 
The Unconditional 
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ST317-05 Unconditional  3 for $7.50
ST317-07 Unconditional  3 for $7.50 Out of Stock

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