Teeny Bonefish Fly

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Teeny Bonefish Fly, Ginger
Donna Teeny managed the prestigious Andros Island Bonefish Clup for ten years. During that time she caught a lot of bonefish and fished with some of the best bonefish guides in the world. Her and her husband Jim had many chances to experiment with flies. Their research, and years of trial and error has produced what may be the best bonefish fly for light colored flats.
Patty and I pack a lot of flies when we go on trips, especially to new destinations. Recently we did a trip in an area where there were literally thousands of acres of flats, but there appeared to be only two kinds of habitat, white sand or eel grass. The largest bonefish were encountered over the white sand, and they were spooky and very picky. We caught fish on various fly patterns, but we also had many refusals. Then I remembered that a couple of years ago, Jim Teeny had given me several lightly weighted flies tied out of bleached ginger colored pheasant tail fibers. I dug through my fly boxes until they were found. The first presentation with the ginger colored fly landed a bonefish of about six pounds. I split the stash with Patty and for the next three days nearly every bonefish we encountered over a light clored bottom ate these flies. The last day Patty hooked a double digit bone, and had it stuck for a long fight before the handle came loose from her reel spool, and the fish was lost. Too bad some reels aren't as reliable as the Teeny Bonefish Fly.
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