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Humpy, Green Light Cahill Renegade
Humpy, Orange ParaHumpy, Black Royal Wulff
Humpy, Royal Yellow ParaHumpy, Chartreuse  
Irresistible, Adams Mosquito  

Humpy, Green
Popularized by Jackson Hole guide & shop owner, Jack Dennis, the Humpy series of flies became the standard dry fly for fishing Montana Cutthroats in moving water.  Jack noted the success of the Royal Wulff and the fact that his clients could easily see them.  He added white wings to the Humpy patterns and the became Royal Humpys.
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11814 Humpy, Green 12 3 for $5.85
11815 Humpy, Green 14 3 for $5.85
11816 Humpy, Green 16 3 for $5.85

Humpy, Orange
Humpys more or less took on caddis colors.  They were Wyoming's version of the Tied Down Caddis.  They also kind of have a terrestrial look to them.  With a lot of imagination they might mimic an ant, beetle, bee or hopper.  One thing that made Humpys so popular is they evolved in cutthroat country.  Unlike rainbows, cutthroats are often non-selective feeders.
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22-0150-14 Humpy, Orange 14 3 for $5.85

22-0150-16 Humpy, Orange 16 3 for $5.85

Humpy, Royal Yellow
One day while guiding a couple of anglers on The Deschutes River for steelhead, I was anchored next to a shore line thicket of giant aquatic grass. The air was warm and calm, as  I sat lazily in the boat.  Fishing had been slow.  Suddenly there was a violent splash ten feet behind the boat.  I swiveled around to see what had made the commotion, but nothing came to light.  Finally my interest was focused on the unusually tall grass.  It
was obviously in bloom, and was exuding a thin film of sticky resin. Many small caddis flies were stuck to the stalks and blades of grass.  Within the thicket several large elongated Yellow Jacket wasps were capturing the helpless caddis and packing them off.  There was another splash behind me.  Try as I might, I couldn't find the cause.   My attention was drawn back to the drama in the grass.  There was another loud splash, this time to my right.  As I studied the water wasp landed on the water to drink.  Evidently caddis are dry like crackers.  The wasp floated for a few feet when suddenly a very large Redside Trout took him with a violent splash.  When one of my clients returned to the boat, I handed him a six-weight outfit with a large Yellow Humpy attached to the end of the leader.  He took a couple of dandy trout with his first two casts.
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11875 Humpy, Royal Yellow 12 3 for $5.85

11876 Humpy, Royal Yellow 14 3 for $5.85

11877 Humpy, Royal Yellow 16 3 for $5.85

ParaHumpy, Black
The big upright and divided wings and foam back on these flies make them virtually unsinkable.
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22-0290-14 ParaHumpy, Black 14 3 for $5.85

22-0290-16 ParaHumpy, Black 16 3 for $5.85

ParaHumpy, Chartreuse
The big upright and divided wings and foam back on these flies make them virtually unsinkable.
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22-0270-12 ParaHumpy, Chartreuse 12 3 for $5.85

22-0270-14 ParaHumpy, Chartreuse 14 3 for $5.85

Irresistible, Adams
This version of the popular Adams fly has a body made from spun and clipped deer hair. Originated in the 1930s by the famous Catskill's tyer Harry Darbee of Roscoe, New York. Harry and his wife Elsie combined the high-floating clipped deer hair body of a bass bug with hackles and wings of a trout fly.
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11924 Irresistible, Adams 10 3 for $5.85

11925 Irresistible, Adams 12 3 for $5.85

11926 Irresistible, Adams 14 3 for $5.85

11927 Irresistible, Adams 16 3 for $5.85

Light Cahill
Named after Dan Cahill, who is credited with stocking the first rainbow trout in the Delaware watershed in 1884. Cahill's real claim to fame, though, was his creation of the Cahill fly. Ray Bergman author of the best selling Trout in 1938, said of the Light Cahill, "If it was necessary to confine my assortment of flies to only two or three, this would be one of
them."  The Light Cahill is, after all these years a great PMD/PED imitation on many rivers.
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12965 Light Cahill 12 3 for $5.85

12966 Light Cahill 14 3 for $5.85

12967 Light Cahill 16 3 for $5.85

One of the most recognized insects is the blood sucking mosquito.  Of course, mosquitoes are aquatic insects, so they are always around water where people are fishing.  Many anglers would associate mosquitoes as fish food.  Because of their wandering life style, is doubtful that many adult mosquitoes are eaten by trout.  However, the Mosquito fly has been very successful and is very popular
with many anglers today.  It is most successful as a fly for fishing lakes.  This may be because it looks more like a Callibaetis mayfly than a mosquito.
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11422 Mosquito 12 3 for $5.85

11423 Mosquito 14 3 for $5.85

11424 Mosquito 16 3 for $5.85

11425 Mosquito 18 3 for $5.85

What does this old classic pattern represent?  No one knows, but its effectiveness can be attested too by many.  According to Ernst Hemingway, "Taylor Williams came to work in Sun Valley in 1937 (as hunting and fishing guide). He was an excellent dry fly fisherman. He always said that he was responsible for the renegade fly."
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13106 Renegade 12 3 for $5.85

13107 Renegade 14 3 for $5.85

13108 Renegade 16 3 for $5.85

Royal Wulff
Once when asked what the Royal Wulff fly looked like to the trout, Lee Wulff replied, "Strawberry shortcake". Lee Wulff tied all of his flies without a vise, a remarkable achievement, considering how difficult it is to tie a Royal Wulff with a tying vise. The Royal Wulff is one of the most popular dry flies of all time, probably because it floats high and is easy to see on the water.
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12227 Royal Wulff 12 3 for $5.85

12228 Royal Wulff 14 3 for $5.85

12229 Royal Wulff 16 3 for $5.85

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