Traditional Dry Flies

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Adams - Gray Hackle Peacock

Humpy - Wulff

Adams Hackle Peacock, Brown Light Cahill
Black Gnat Gray Hackle Peacock Mosquito
Blue Dun Humpy, Royal Green Renegade
Blue Quill Humpy, Royal Orange  
Blue Wing Olive Humpy, Royal Yellow Royal Coachman Trude
Dark Cahill Humpy, Black Royal Wulff
Gray Wulff Irresistible, Adams Super Trude

...dry fly fishing as the light disappears from the canyon…

Most traditional dry flies started out as impressionistic Mayfly patterns.  Some patterns are relatively unchanged for over 100-years.  On-stream many have been trimmed to represent caddis and even terrestrial insects.  Some are fished wet as well as dry.

Because of their reliability and versatility, these patterns have survived the test of time and are widely used to fool trout in many parts of the world.

These patterns are of longstanding design criteria.  Traditional dry flies must be constructed to exacting proportions. They require the finest dry fly hackle. Ours offer no compromise of this tradition.

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