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Whistler, Black/Red Whistler, Black/Orange Whistler, Yellow/Orange
Whistler, Red/White Whistler, Red/Yellow  
Sixty pound tarpon from the Monkey River, Belize.

Tarpon are nearly like steelhead in that they move freely between fresh and salt water. Tarpon can migrate many miles inland, up rivers and roam head water lakes and creeks. Some jungle rivers are turbid. At times, usually during freshets, tarpon seem to enjoy the cover. As in all rivers, when there is bed load shift, there are a lot of prey species exposed for exploitation. Tarpon within these turbid rivers can be very aggressive feeders. The greatest of these tarpon rivers in Central America is the Rio Grande, which is the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Silt load from the Rio Grande stains the blue water of the Caribbean for several miles. Tarpon school here in unbelievable numbers.  The trick is getting

them to find your fly in the muddy water.  Dan Blanton has fished this area a lot. He reasoned that if tarpon couldn't see the fly, maybe they could hear it. He fastened large, hollow bead-chain eyes to a bulky fly. It was an instant success. The holes in the bead chain act the same as air blown across an open pop bottle. They whistle. That is what he called it, the Whistler. Whistlers are productive anywhere tarpon hold in deep or muddy water.  We have modified the Whistler series below for the waters of southern Belize such as the Monkey River in flood which can be nearly thick enough to plow. These flies are tied with extra large eyes, and are heavily dressed to buck a lot of water. Fluorescent feathers and hair are combined with liberal amounts of holographic flashabou for maximum visibility.  The three patterns listed here work in muddy water every where. They have proven themselves from Texas to Costa Rica.

Whistler, Black/Red
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06216-3/0 Whistler, Black/Red 3/0 3 for $14.85

Whistler, Black/Orange

Item Description Size Price To Top
764k-91 Whistler, Black/Orange 1/0 3 for $14.85

Whistler, Yellow/Orange
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764o-91 Whistler, Yellow/Orange 1/0 3 for $14.85

Whistler, Red/White
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764w-91 Whistler, Red/White 1/0 3 for $14.85 Out of Stock

Whistler, Red/Yellow
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764r-91 Whistler, Red/Yellow 1/0 3 for $14.85

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