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Tarpon Bunny, Black/Red

Tarpon Bunny, Orange Caribbean Lobster

Black Death Tarpon


Fly action is important. Tarpon Bunny's tied in a number of configurations thave been popular for thirty years. Enrico Puglisi takes designing flies to an art form. His Tarpon Bunny's are legendary for catching fish of all sizes in all habitats that will hold tarpon. These flies can be fished at all depths with many kinds of lines.

Flies that have a lot of wiggly, flowing materials are most productive. It's hard to beat rabbit strip for action and durability, especially if it is wrapped around the fly. Foul- Proof Tarpon Bunnies are a series of bunny-buggers for big fish that were designed by Mark Bachmann with a great deal of assistance from Mark Stensland and Derrick Muschamp.  They are aerodynamic. They cast small, but fish big and fluffy. If snelled to the shock tippet, they positively will not foul while casting. Tarpon Bunnies are tied on short shank, extra strong hooks, but are otherwise unweighted. They are sold exclusively at The Fly Fishing Shop.
A straight-on shot will usually get results. The odds go way up if the fly is presented at a level slightly above the fish's eyes and retrieved at a pace to keep it about two feet ahead of his nose for at least five seconds.
Our favorite tarpon water is along the Cayes, which are scattered on the Belize Reef. Here tarpon cruise in gin clear water over brilliantly colored coral gardens. They average 45 to 85 pounds. That's where the Foul-Proof Tarpon Bunny evolved. Both of the unique patterns listed below have accounted for many tarpon.
Of course there are other styles of "Tarpon Bunnies" that also do a great job.  One of the best is the Black Death.  It gets a lot of action.  Be sure to have some in your box.

Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Bunny, Black/Red

Black/Red/Purple color mixture is very popular in every part of Belize from small tarpon in the black-water creeks and jungle lagoons, to out in the Cayes, and in mouths of big rivers for giant migratory poons.The Tarpon bunny design features a split tail and a head of spun EP fibers that gives each fly nearly neutral buoyancy, which suspends the fly in the water column.
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00TA-B02-20 Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Bunny, Black/Red 2/0 3 for $20.95

Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Bunny, Orange

Orange with black markings is another universal color combo for all tarpon of all sizes, in all habibats. A great way to fish your Tarpon Bunny is to fish a fairly long leader with a floating line. arange that the fly sinks very slowly, and can be twitched and retreived very slowly. this can be a deadly presentation for tarpon that are layed up. Drop the fly within three to four feet directly in front of your fish and twitch it like teasing a cat with a peice of yarn.
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00TA-B01-20 Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Bunny, Orange 2/0 3 for $20.95

Caribbean Lobster Foul-Proof Tarpon Fly
This pattern is deadly in black water and also gin clear saltwater. This unique fly pattern absolutely will not foul, snelled to the bite tippet. Invented and tested By Mark Bachmann..

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30390 Caribbean Lobster Tarpon Fly 3/0 3 for $14.85

Black Death Tarpon

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18145 Black Death Trapon 3/0 3 for $14.85

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