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Sea Habit Flies by Trey Combs
Pink Squid Billfish Popper Trey Combs Tandem Hook Sets
Green Machine Billfish Popper

The "Sea Habit" series mimics prominent blue water bait fish species. These flies are lightweight, slim, easy to cast, amazingly realistic and are valuable in a wide variety of situations. They are also unbelievably beautiful to look at whether in a display on

your office wall or swimming through a coral garden or over deep water.  The two bucktail patterns are must have flies when fishing the Sea of Cortez or the Mexican Pacific Coast.

Tube Flies can provide you with several advantages. The hook is separate from the fly and can be exchanged for a different size or style as conditions change or different species of fish are encountered. When a fish is hooked the fly usually detaches itself from the hook and slides up the leader so it sustains less wear and tear from the battle. Tube flies are very adaptable and usually last longer than regular flies. These attributes are especially appealing to the traveling angler.

The Sea Habit Series is the creation of Trey Combs. His books about steelhead and steelhead fly fishing as well as blue water saltwater fishing are the definitive works on those subjects today. These texts not only display the nuts and bolts of trophy fly fishing but also the heart and soul of the sport.

Trey is a world rover, taking his rods and flies literally around the world. He has had phenomenal success as a blue water fly angler and holds several world records. The series of flies offered here come from the mind and tying vise of a very practical angler.

Pink Squid Billfish Popper

They gotta' see this one if it's anywhere near 'em.
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15374 Pink Squid Billfish Popper 6" - 7" $23.95

Green Machine Billfish Popper

Looks just like tasty a baby Dorado.


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15375 Green Machine Billfish Popper 6" - 7" $23.95

No one beats our quality at any price!

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Opening photo:

by Wendy Hanvold from the book Bluewater Fly Fishing.

Fly photos by: Mark Bachmann - all rights reserved.

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