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Swimminer Flies are new in 2004 at The Fly Fishing Shop.  These flies swim side to side as they are retrieved, thus offering a unique dimension to fly action.

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Swimminer, Baitfish Swimminer, Chartreuse/White
Swimminer, Black Swimminer, White


The Swimminer Series are streamer/baitfish imitations that wiggle and swim.  Constructed as either weighted or un-weighted so that they can be fished either shallow or deep, these flies can be fished at a variety of depths with either floating or sinking fly lines.  The un-weighted series has a slow wiggle and the weighted flies have a faster wiggle.  All Swimminers are tied on saltwater-safe hooks.  It is the combination of wire re-enforced, epoxy coated, concave 

shaped bill and soft, buoyant, flowing body materials that give Swimminers their unique action and life-like appeal.  They might be classified as the fly fishers' "Rappala plug".  Swimminers are new and the full extent of their usefulness hasn't been fully explored.  They are proven on Large Mouth and Small Mouth Black Bass in fresh water, and on Jacks, Snook and Dorado in saltwater.  Every fly has a mono-loop weed guard.  Because of the air and water resistance created by the bill, Swimminers are  

not particular easy to cast.  Heavy rods open loops most enjoyable.   These flies can be presented with all manner of floating, intermediate and sinking fly lines.  Rio DeepSea and Clouser lines are specifically designed to cast "hard to handle" flies.  A short, stout leader will help maintain control.

Swimminer, Baitfish
Designed to imitate a wide variety of fresh water and saltwater bait fish.  This fly has all of the key elements: dorsal stripe, lateral demarkation, gill filliments or blood, reflective eyes and a side to side wiggle that will drive hungry game fish to madness.
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24394 Unweighted Swimminer, Baitfish 2/0 3 for $14.85
06326-2/0 Weighted Swimminer, Baitfish 2/0 3 for $14.85 Out of Stock

Swimminer, Black
Black is a favorite night fishing color.  It is also a good choice when fishing turbid water.  Bass in muddy sloughs and baby Tarpon in jungle rivers are prime candidates for black wiggly flies.  Don't forget that big Kamloops and Bull Trout like big, wiggly flies too.
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6333 Unweighted Swimminer, Black 2/0 3 for $14.85
6334 Weighted Swimminer, Black 2/0 3 for $14.85

Swimminer, Chartreuse/White

This is a color combination that is proven Bass, Snook and Dorado.  All of these species have a reputation for finding cover when they can.  The mono-loop weed guard helps keep you free from lily pads, mangroves and sargasso.
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6345 Unweighted Swimminer, Chartreuse/White 2/0 3 for $14.85
06343-2/0 Weighted Swimminer, Chartreuse/White 2/0 3 for $14.85 Out of Stock

Swimminer, White
White is good choice when night fishing, especially under a bright moon.  White fishes at all depths, but is most noted for the belly flash that it gives off when fished close to the surface.
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6346 Unweighted Swimminer, White 2/0 3 for $14.85
6344 Weighted Swimminer, White 2/0 3 for $14.85

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