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Euphausid General Practitioner Purple Practitioner
Black Practitioner Polar Shrimp  

Col. Rusty Moen & Capt. Steve Zandstra with a Deschutes steelhead caurght on a Black General Practitioner.

Shrimp, Krill and Prawns as steelhead food
Pacific Steelhead feed on crustaceans both while far out to sea and upon entering the estuarial waters of their parent rivers. High sea stomach samples disclosed that about 10% their diet is composed of amphipods and copepods (shrimp, krill and prawns). 
The Euphausid, Eyed Shrimp, General Practitioner and Super Prawn patterns mimic these animals. They have been most effective when fished deep and slow across
the current.  That steelhead still recognize sand shrimp as food, long after they have left salt water is well proven. The Sand Shrimp pattern listed below is best, fished up-and-across with a floating line and long leader. This is done much like fishing a heavy stone fly nymph for trout.

Euphausids thrive in vast cloud like schools in many of the marine waters off the coast of the Pacific Northwest and Arctic.  Salmon and steelhead feed on them as they are available and retain the search image of these animals after they have returned to fresh water streams.
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20520-04 Euphausid 4 3 for $7.49

The Black General Practitioner is a very successful modification of the Orange General Practitioner listed below.  Black is one of the primary steelhead and salmon colors.  

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20589-2/0 Black General Practitioner 2/0 3 for $8.25

The General Practitioner is the most popular prawn pattern fly for steelhead and salmon.  It was originally tied in 1953 by British officer Colonel Esmond Drury when the there was a ban placed on the use of real prawns for use in fishing for Atlantic Salmon.  The fly was an instant success in the British Isles.  It is just as popular in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia for steelhead.

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20590-2/0 Orange General Practitioner 2/0 3 for $8.25

The Purple General Practitioner is a very productive pattern for both summer and winter steelhead.  It is especially good in Columbia river tributaries such as the Deschutes and Clear Water Rivers.

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20592-2/0 Purple General Practitioner 2/0 3 for $8.25

The Polar Shrimp has been on of the best late fall and winter patterns for years.  It was first tied in the 1960's by E. H. "Polly" Rosborough as an imitation of the little cocktail shrimp that are prevalent off the Oregon coast.

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21210-02 Polar Shrimp 2 3 for $7.49
21210-04 Polar Shrimp 4 3 for $7.49
21210-06 Polar Shrimp 6 3 for $7.49

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