Steelhead Wet Flies: S - W, Classic Patterns

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Silver Hilton Street Walker Undertaker

Laura Coblentz with a dandy deschutes steelhead that ate a #6 Street Walker.

The classic collection of steelhead flies shows the full spectrum of colors commonly used in steelhead flies.  Some are dark and somber.  Others are vibrant and bright. This is because steelhead and steelhead rivers are equally divers.  Even the same river can display different moods and may go from low and clear to high and muddy in a matter of hours.  Flies that would spook fish in one condition may be barely visible in another.  It pays to carry a variety of patterns and be prepared for what ever nature and her fish can throw at you.  Steelhead will always be deliciously unpredictable.

Silver Hilton
An old, but effective Klamath River pattern that is still very effective on many steelhead rivers
Item Description Size Price To Top
37-0040-04 Silver Hilton 4 3 for $7.50
37-0040-06 Silver Hilton 6 3 for $7.50

Street Walker
This is the most famous of many productive steelhead fly patterns were originated by Gordon Nash.
Item Description Size Price To Top
37-0050-04 Street Walker 4 3 for $7.50
37-0050-06 Street Walker 6 3 for $7.50

This fly is believed to have originated on the east coast of North Americas as an Atlantic Salmon pattern.  It is well proven as a a very good fly for steelhead during low light conditions.
Item Description Size Price To Top
STL0152 Undertaker 4 3 for $7.50
STL0135 Undertaker 6 3 for $7.50
STL0136 Undertaker 8 3 for $7.50

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