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Agitator Series Flies for Anadromous Fish

Agitator Black  Agitator Purple Agitator Pink
Agitators get noticed by steelhead. In Oregon, we have steelhead in many rivers year round. Most return during the coldest months of December, January, February, March and April. Average water temperatures are 36 - 46 degrees. At these temperatures, steelhead will bite, but won't move far for a fly. To make matters more challenging the rivers are often very high and sometimes off color. The Agitator Series has evolved from the late 1960's to cope with tough winter & spring conditions. Through the years Agitators have been called by other names, but the design theory has remained the same, "get down quick and stir thing up". The current design has remained the same since around 1990. They have heavy nickel plated brass eyes for maximum sink rate. The design is compact for easy casting and they are densely colored for maximum visibility. The soft flowing materials employed create maximum movement.
Agitators are designed to get deep in a hurry and stay there in a controlled manner. Agitators are medium size, meaning that they are larger than traditional steelhead bucktails, but smaller in silhouette than most tube flies or stinger flies. Often they are just the right size. Though designed primarily with winter steelhead in mind, Agitators are also very productive for summer steelhead and Coho salmon. Agitators were first designed to be high-stick "nymphed" with a floating line and long leader. The heavy eyes allows them to be fished dead drifted deep along the bottom. They are perfect for fishing pocket-water. They have also proven to be very effective when fished on the swing with both floating or sinking tip lines with either single or two-hand rods. Agitators do not tangle or foul. They average 1 3/4" long.

Agitator Black & Red
Black and red is a winning combination any time of year. On our local rivers it is a good choice in the spring for early summer steelhead and spring Chinooks, but is also often deadly on winter steelhead.  This is a great fly design for picking the pocket water where you have to get deep in a hurry.
Agitator Black & Red
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20215-02 Agitator Black & Red 2 3 for $7.49

Agitator Purple & Flame
This is the most popular summer color combination  Fish this fly deep in the slots when the water is low and clear.  Can be used with a sinking tip line or suspended below a yarn strike indicator. Is also surprizingly productive when water is cold or off-color any time of year. Can be the answer when the White River mucks up the Deschutes.
Agitator Purple & Flame
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20220-02 Agitator Purple & Flame 2 3 for $7.49

Agitator Pink & Orange
This is a favorite early winter fly everywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  It seems to be most productive when the water is very cold.  Of course this is the condition that drives steelhead into deep water where a heavily weighted fly is most useful. If you only had one fly to fish for winter steelhead, this very well could be it.
Agitator Pink & Orange
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20225-02 Agitator Pink & Orange 2 3 for $7.49


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