Winter Spey Flies

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What are Spey Flies?  
The name "Spey Fly" comes from the origin of this style on the Spey River in Northern Scotland.  In the early 1800's local Scottish anglers started using flies dressed with low set wings and long flowing palmered hackles. Their use, development and popularity has continued through modern times. Spey-style flies are used on most waters where anadromous fish are caught with fly rods. The flies in the Winter Spey assortment are working flies, but all would look good in a shadow box for display in your home.   Fished slow and deep, flies of these proportions assume a very "Prawn-like"
appearance.  Spey flies are productive  for Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. The flies in our Winter Spey Selection are tied on size 1.5 Alec Jackson Spey Hooks and are hackled with select marabou for maximum life like action. They are sized to bridge the gap between larger Winter Tube Flies and smaller traditional steelhead flies.  They are useful for those days when the water is cold, and just a lower and clearer than perfect.
Expression Spey Complete Set Jack O'Lantern Spey
Green Butt Spey   Sunkist Spey

Green Butt Spey
The perfect fly for many water conditions.  Works best in softer flows presented with a sinking tip line.
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21614-1.5 Green Butt Spey 1.5 3 for $8.85

Jack O'Lantern Spey
A great fall and winter pattern.  Dresses up any fly box.  Is especially effective in cold water.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21615-1.5 Jack O'Lantern Spey 1.5 3 for $8.85

Sunkist Spey
A bright red and white pattern for bright days.  May be on of the best winter searching flies.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21618-1.5 Sunkist Spey 1.5 3 for $8.85 Out of Stock

Expression Spey
This pattern can be productive all times of the day and in most water conditions.  A great early spring and late fall pattern.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21620-1.5 Expression Spey 1.5 3 for $8.85

These Flies Are Barbless.


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