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Prom Dress Flies Full Set    For $375 You Can Get a 2-day Lesson On How To Use Them!
Blue Blue & Copper Copper Fuchsia Purple
The Prom Dress Series of flies tied by Scott Howell has been around, but under cover, for several years. We first made them available in December, 2009. Mark landed a steelhead from the Sandy River with a Blue Prom Dress in the first hour of our initial test. Then they appeared in the widely acclaimed DVD Skagit Master II in January, 2011. What is going on now could be termed: "The Prom Dress Revolution" with many anglers buying them from us, and just as many tying their own. There is also quite a bit of innovation and new patterns emerging from steelhead anglers and guides such as the blue and copper version by Travis Johnson featured in the video below. The Prom Dress is here to stay and like the "Intruder" before it, is destined to be come a classic fly category.
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Prom Dress, Blue/Copper
This version of the Prom Dress is the creation of Travis Johnson, who wanted to experiment with a color change on the lateral line. Most aquatic critters are dark on top and lighter toward the bottom. Because our home waters tend to be shallower than Southern Oregon Rivers, medium-weight, instead of heavy eyes are used. The fly has been very successful.
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37-0812-02K Prom Dress Fly, Blue/Copper 2 3 for $10.50

Prom Dress, Blue
As a sport, fly fishing is the scientific exploration of the aquatic world with tools, which deliver information about game fish that no other equipment can render. Often this information is collected and the fish is released with a minimum amount of wear & tear. It survives to possibly be re-examined by someone else. Even the most experienced anglers are often reluctant to try to explain why anadromous salmonids will strike any fly while in fresh water. Nothing bright blue lives in the water with these fish. Maybe that's the key.

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37-0813-02k Prom Dress Fly, Blue 2 3 for $10.50

Prom Dress, Copper
It's pretty safe to say that nothing in a bright metallic copper color lives in the rivers with your intended quarry either. Yet, copper colored wobblers are known to be deadly at times, especially in tannin colored water.

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37-0811-02k Prom Dress Fly, Copper 2 3 for $10.50

Prom Dress, Fuchsia
What do they take this thing for, a cloud of blood, a pulsing squid, or something in their territory that makes them very angry? Fact is we have been told by a couple of fly fishers that are in the know, that this is the sleeper color.

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37-0814-02k Prom Dress Fly, Fuchsia 2 3 for $10.50

Prom Dress, Purple
When the light levels go dim, there are a great many things under water that turn purple. Maybe that is why purple is a such a successful theme in flies, because the color is so familiar.

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37-0815-02k Prom Dress Fly, Purple 2 3 for $10.50

Prom Dress Flies Complete Set, 15 flies in all.

Get three each, of all five colors of deadly Prom Dress Flies, and save a buck.
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PROMSET Prom Dress Flies Complete Set, 15 flies in all. $37.50

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