Larimer Loop Leech

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Larimer Loop Leech, Black Larimer Loop Leech, Pink
Larimer Loop Leech, Black and Blue Larimer Loop Leech, Purple

Tom Larimer
Tom says, "I fish the Loop Leech for both summer and winter steelhead. Most leech patterns become useless once the hook becomes dull.  The "Loop" allows the angler to replace the hook.  Not only does this make the fly last longer, the hook size and style can be modified to the angler's preference."
The Loop Leech is a good fly to have in your kit where ever you go in search of critters with adipose fins.  Steelhead, Chinooks, Coho, Bull Trout, Char & Atlantics all eat Loop Leeches!

Larimer Loop Leech, Black 

This fly is a great searching pattern for most species of salmonids fish. Steelhead, Chinooks, Bull trout and big resident Browns and Rainbows have all fallen for this pattern.  Next time you're headed to the local bass lake strip one of these flies deep along the bottom. Don't use light tippet.
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ST285BK Larimer Loop Leech, Black 2 3 for $10.50 Discontinued

Larimer Loop Leech, Black & Blue 

Black and blue is a very productive color combination for steelhead in all of the glacial origin streams in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Be sure to include several of these flies when you head for rivers such as the Klickitat, Sandy, Hoh or the Dean.
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ST285BB Larimer Loop Leech, Black and Blue 2 3 for $10.50 Discontinued

Larimer Loop Leech, Pink 

The Pink Loop Leech is always a good bet when fishing for fresh Coho or Steelhead when they are close to saltwater. Most anglers fish their Loop Leech patterns "on the swing" with a sinking tip line. These flies are also effective when fished with a floating line and long leader "dead drifted" through the water. Try using a large strike indicator and suspending the fly below it.
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ST285PK Larimer Loop Leech, Pink 2 3 for $10.50 Discontinued

Larimer Loop Leech, Purple 

Purple leeches are effective for steelhead any time of year in most any water color. This is a have to have fly for fishing summer steelhead east of the Cascade Mountains. Any time conditions aren't right for fishing bucktails with a floating line, put on a sinking tip and a purple leech. This includes fishing during mid-day or in off colored water conditions.
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ST285PR Larimer Loop Leech, Purple 2 3 for $10.50 Discontinued

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