Foxee Prawn Steelhead Flie

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Foxee Prawn, Orange  

Innovative northwest steelhead, salmon, and speycasting angler Charles St. Pierre has created a unique fly using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying materials that combines a large silhouette with amazing lifelike action.  The fly tying inspiration for the Foxee Prawn has its roots in both traditional Atlantic salmon and modern northwest steelhead fly design.  The variations of color combinations used for this series have proven themselves to be extremely effective on many of the steelhead and salmon streams of the Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska.

The large silhouette allows this fly to attract and be seen by fish within a wide range of water conditions.  The long and limp natural fibers create incredible lifelike action without trapping air to allow maximum depth penetration quickly and efficiently.  The flash core body creates contrast and reflects light beneath and inside the fly silhouette.  Because the fly uses few materials to create its large profile and amazing action, it casts easily and efficiently with both single and double handed rods.

Foxee Prawn, Orange

A proven color combination under many circumstances, but especially productive on bright days.

Foxee Prawn, Orange
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