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Do the swing guys really hate nymph fishermen, or are they just jealous because we catch so many steelhead? Both swing and nymph methods have a dedicated army of fanatic followers. And each method has advantages when fishing certain water conditions and approaching certain water types. The swing guys have all of the advantages when fishing broad expanses of water. The nymph guys have the advantage when fishing narrower, well defined slots. No doubt the angler who uses both swing and nymph methods will catch even more steelhead. Why not carry two rods and do both?

Agent Onyx

Agent Orange

Bloody Mary

Copper Swan

Double Agent

Drag'N Fly

Egg Sherbet

Jumbo John, Brown

Jumbo John, Chartreuse

Lingerie Egg

Oct'phat Ass


Double Orange Bead Peacock Stone
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Bucket


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