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Steelhead Guides' Favorite Flies
"We just have more expertise."

Where do new fly patterns come from? In the steelhead fly fishing arena, the best new "fish-catching-patterns" come from the most successful fly fishing guides.  It is only reasonable; fish-on-the-beach bring customers back.  In the overwhelming majority of guided steelhead trips, the guide selects the flies to be used. It is one of the ways they can stack the deck in your favor.  The most popular steelhead and salmon guides are always experimenting with new flies in search of the magic bullet.  This directory will take you to the best magic bullets available.

Mark Bachmann
Fly du Jour
Marabou Tube Flies

George Cook
Alaskabou  Series

Brian Silvey
Tandem Tube Flies
Tube Snakes
Silvinator Series
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson
Lady GaGa NEW!

Tom Larimer
Egg Sucking Sculpins
Wet Flies

Brian Kite

Pick 'Yer Pocket

Charles St. Pierre

Foxee Prawn
Hoh Bo Spey

Scott Howell

Guide Intruder
Prom Dress
Signature Intruder
Keith Graham
Keith Graham

Barely Legal Flesh Fly
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith

Lady Flesh Flies
Mike Kinney
Mike Kinney
Skagit Minnow

Many of the guides listed above have worked extensively in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and British Columbia. Some have been to Eastern Russia and Patagonia, which have similar fisheries to the afore mentioned geographical areas. A wider range of experiences leads to deeper understanding.  Many of the flies series listed in this directory are also very effective for Alaskan Kings, Pacific Northwest Chinooks, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char and Bull Trout.  It appears that many steelhead flies used in both winter and summer are getting larger, with leeches, tube flies, stinger flies and intruder type flies being in vogue on many larger glacial fed rivers. East of the Cascades in the mid and upper Columbia River tributaries some traditional wet flies are also getting smaller. Steelhead flies are always changing, because the conditions in steelhead rivers are always changing.  And our understanding of our fish is always changing. Whatever the trends, the team pictured above will be on the cutting edge of anadromous fish fly-development.

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