Steak And Eggs Steelhead Fly

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The Steak and Eggs was designed by our own Travis Johnson. He Claims the design was inspired by fishing late season summer Steelhead of the Columbia Basin. As a guide on the Deschutes for the last 8 seasons Travis has spent a lot of time seeing what entices fish to the fly the egg off the back of a light weight intruder is super effective. Also if our in the know on tube flies the egg can be change to fit either the angler or the conditions. This has also bee a great Alaska pattern. The Ability to change the egg to a bead or piece of rabbit makes it super adaptable to the conditions. So weather you fishing low water winter steelhead, late season summer, Alaska dollies, silvers or big Alaska bow's Steak and Eggs will have you covered. Light weight enough to cast on a single handed rod. Must have for your next years fishing seasons.

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