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Spot Prawns are one of the larger shrimp species that inhabit coastal waters from northern California to southern Alaska throughout much of the year. Within this range Spot Prawns often reach prolific numbers. Idylwilde Fly Company celebrity fly tier, Miguel Morejohn conceptualized that steelhead and Spot Prawns must share the same habitat over the continental shelf, when steelhead are returning to their native rivers.
The Spot On Prawn fly pattern was painstakingly created to mimic the lifelike appearance of a living prawn. The construction of the materials produce a very natural animated movement resembling a prawn on the move. The UV Polar Chenille underbody has a translucence and bioluminescence that pulses quickly like a real shrimp. The fly pattern is complex with  feelers, antennae, legs, multiple shellbacks, ultra realistic eyes and just enough Krystal flash to give the fly sparkle and attraction.
The Spot On Prawn averages just under 4". It is a very handy fly to have during high water flows when fishing lower gradient parts of  large coastal rivers. 
The Spot On Prawn is made to be fished with a trailer hook. Miguel Morejohn uses a turned up eye Octopus bait hook threaded onto a loop knot. This fly is tied on a fine diameter plastic tube, which has a hole down the center large enough to pass 15-pound Maxima, but small enough to ride against a non-tightening Lefty Kreh Loop Knot. This technique places the hook far enough behind the fly so that "short strikes" become nearly impossible.
Spot On Prawn, Pink
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SIG1802 Spot On Prawn, Pink and Orange 4-inch 3 for $13.50
Spot On Prawn, Red
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SIG1803 Spot On Prawn, Red and Orange 4-inch 3 for $13.50

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