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Black & Blue Flame Purple & Pink
Black & Orange Red & Orange Full Set
Brian Silvey ties very pretty flies, but Silvinators aren't some of them. These flies are all business. They are about wiggles & jiggles & silhouette & sink rate. They are not only tied, they are engineered and have been tested and tweaked during many days onmany rivers. The selection of colors is growing slowly as each color combination is proven by multiple fish. These are "Guide Flies", meant to bring customers back after successful days on the water. You will be amazed at the sink-rate of these flies. They fish deeper than any comparable flies we've ever fished. Yet they cast very easy, even with smaller rods. The Silvinator is a potent design winter or summer.
Brian is always understated, even secretive about his success as you will notice in the video below.
Silvinator, Black & Blue Silvinator, Black & Orange
Why to buy: Larger black and blue flies are productive on many glacial origin rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Try this fly when fishing the Sandy or Klickitat and many Washington and British Columbia rivers. Why to buy: Instead of calling it the "Egg Sucking Silvinator", Idylwilde simply calls this fly "Black & Orange". Whatever the name, this fly is deadly late in the late fall on the Deschutes, Sandy, Clackamas, Klickitat, John Day and a host of British Columbia and Alaskan rivers.
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SIG1832 Silvinator, Black and Blue 3 for $10.50
SIG1833 Silvinator, Black and Orange
3 for $10.50
Silvinator, Flame Silvinator, Red & Orange
Why to buy: This is one of the flies you want to try during the early winter season on coastal streams when sea lice covered fish arrive on the first floods. Interestingly summer and winter fish far up Columbia River tributaries also like this fly too. Why to buy: This is one of those flies that you just have to have in your steelhead collection any time of year for any destination. Orange & red is the combination that is universal on all rivers as a mid-day, bright, sunny-day offering. Silvinators are easy to cast and sink deep.
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SIG2067 Silvinator, Flame
3 for $10.50
SIG2066 Silvinator, Red and Orange
3 for $10.50
Silvinator, Purple & Pink Silvinators, Full Set
Why to buy: Don't leave for the east side of the Cascade Mountains on a steelhead trip without a deep sinking purple fly that measures about 2 inches long. this is one of the best designs out there. This pattern also works in the winter months too. Why to buy: This set offers (3) each: Silvinator Black and Blue, Silvinator Black and Orange, Silvinator Flame, Silvinator Red and Orange, Silvinator Purple and Pink, 15 FLIES IN ALL, with a custom logo fly box.
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SIG1834 Silvinator, Purple and Pink
3 for $10.50
SILVINATOR Silvinator Fly, complete set, 15 flies in all

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