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Black & Blue Flame Purple & Pink
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Brian Silvey ties very pretty flies, but Silvinators aren't some of them. These flies are all business. They are about wiggles & jiggles & silhouette & sink rate. They are not only tied, they are engineered and have been tested and tweaked during many days onmany rivers. The selection of colors is growing slowly as each color combination is proven by multiple fish. These are "Guide Flies", meant to bring customers back after successful days on the water. You will be amazed at the sink-rate of these flies. They fish deeper than any comparable flies we've ever fished. Yet they cast very easy, even with smaller rods. The Silvinator is a potent design winter or summer.
Brian is always understated, even secretive about his success as you will notice in the video below.

Silvinator, Black & Blue

Larger black and blue flies are productive on many glacial origin rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Try this fly when fishing the Sandy or Klickitat and many Washington and British Columbia rivers.

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SIG1832 Silvinator, Black & Blue 3 for $13.50

Silvinator, Black & Orange

Instead of calling it the "Egg Sucking Silvinator", Idylwilde simply calls this fly "Black & Orange". Whatever the name, this fly is deadly late in the late fall on the Deschutes, Sandy, Clackamas, Klickitat, John Day and a host of British Columbia and Alaskan rivers.

This John Day Steely ate an Egg Sucking Silvinator 
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SIG1833 Silvinator, Black & Orange 3 for $13.50

Silvinator, Flame

This is one of the flies you want to try during the early winter season on coastal streams when sea lice covered fish arrive on the first floods. Interestingly summer and winter fish far up Columbia River tributaries also like this fly too.

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SIG2067 Silvinator, Flame 3 for $13.50

Silvinator, Red & Orange

This is one of those flies that you just have to have in your steelhead collection any time of year for any destination. Orange & red is the combination that is universal on all rivers as a mid-day, bright, sunny-day offering. Silvinators are easy to cast and sink deep.

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SIG2066 Silvinator, Red and Orange 3 for $13.50

Silvinator, Purple & Pink

Don't leave for the east side of the Cascade Mountains on a steelhead trip without a deep sinking purple fly that measures about 2 inches long. this is one of the best designs out there.

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SIG1834 Silvinator, Purple and Pink 3 for $13.50

If you can spell Idylwilde without a spell checker, you've spent way too much time in school.
Idylwilde is no more, but their blog was pretty funny.
Scooped from Idylwilde's Blog
Brian Silvey = Silvinator 

Brian Silvey is an amazingly talented fly tier. Tandem Tube Flies, Tube Snakes, caddis emergers and dries of all kinds that solve problems and produce fish.  Most recently the “Silvanator”,  a get down in the holding zone quick fly.  Idylwilde claims, "The mania surrounding this fly is like nothing ever seen in the fly fishing world.  When Silvey arrives at the boat ramps at O-Dark-Thirty it’s like a Beatles concert with throngs of fans all trying to get an autograph and a free Silvinator sample! Screaming men and women going ape for Mr. Silvey. A security guard is probably going to be in the mans future, especially when launching at Dodge Park. The popularity is par with Justin Bieber." Above is a sample of why no one ever beats Brian to the next fishing hole.


Just like its namesake the Terminator this pattern kicks ass! 

Brian Silvey an obsessive fly tinkerer can never leave well enough alone.  He is on a life line quest to find perfection in fly patterns.  Something that he knows is not possible but doesn’t stop him from trying and

The Silvinator is the newest attempt and making something great even better.  It all started with Silvey’s Tandem Tubes.  A pattern that was designed to:

§       Have a large presence in the water to entice lethargic winter fish to move to a swung fly.

§       Be an easy to cast fly patterns for beginners to experts.

§       Suspend the hook at the tail of the fly to eliminate missed takes.  (Something anglers feared when fishing larger tube flies with the hook possibly dangling away from the materials)

The Silvanator adopts most of the concepts that make the Tandem Tube so effective and adopted to a smaller fly for targeting summer fish on a dry line as well as late winter fish when waters are warmer and lower. 

Silvey chose to use a single tube for this smaller fly because the fly is small and having the hook right puts it right where the fish take.  By using a single tube this fly is much simpler to rig than the Tandem tubes and also offers the angler a variety of rigging methods.

1.  The eye of a straight eyed hook can be pulled right into the junction tubing that comes standard.  The angler merely threads his tipped through the tube, ties his preferred knot and then pulls the hook eye into the junction tubing.

2.  Or and upturned Octopus style hook can be used by rigging a small loop.  Thread the leader through the Tube tie a small loop, thread the loop through the eye of the hook and pull the knot of the loop into the junction tubing.


The Silvinator is designed to be fished on either a dry line or sink tip.  This fly gets down FAST.  The bead head is heavier than a cone and due to the choice of materials resistance is minimal.  Once put under tension the fly has fantastic movement and is usually finds itself right in the living room Mr. Chrome! 

You’ll be back” Say it with the proper Austrian accent.

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