Silvey's Sub-merger Caddis

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Sub-merger Caddis, Tan Sub-merger Caddis, Olive

Silvey’s Sub-merger Caddis

The development of the Sub-merger Caddis came out of observing my clients while I was guiding.  There were swarms of Caddis every where but not many fish working the surface.  My clients where fishing Elk Hair Caddis in riffles and having fish come up and refuse the fly.  The few fish we hooked all came at the end of the drift when the fly sank.

That night I went home and designed a Diving Caddis pattern to take advantage of my days observations.  I needed weight to get the fly down so I added a bead in front of the dubbed body.  The fly required movement to replicate the swimming action that the natural diving caddis would have so I included Hungarian Partridge in the wing along with a sparse amount of elk hair.  There is also a little bit of flash in the wing to give the illusion of movement or air bubbles trailing off the pupae.

Diving Caddis patterns are some of the most effective fly patterns on the market but hardly fished by the general public.  I believe this is because most people don’t know how or when to use them. Fish them before, during and after caddis hatches.  They fish well as a dropper during times when no hatches are going on.

The Sub-merger Caddis can be fished in a number of ways.

Dropper – The most common way to fish this fly.  Drop it off any dry fly.

Tight Line Swing – Cast the fly as if you were casting across the river into the current.  Mend the line and let the fly swing all the way to shore or into the shallows.  The takes on this method of fishing are heart stopping.

Nymphed – If fishing a two nymph rig make sure the Sub-merger is floating higher in the water column.

Dry Fly Presentation – Cast the fly upstream as you would any dry fly.  Once the fly hits the water, slowly strip the fly back to you giving the fly an up and down diving motion.  It is deadly after refusals.  If I get a fish that comes up and refuses a caddis dry I put the Diving Caddis on and its “fish on” nine times out of ten.

Brian Silvey
Silvey’s Sub-merger Caddis - Designer

Silvey's Sub-merger Caddis, Tan
Essentially this is a sinking Elk Hair Caddis using a brass bead in the body to make it less buoyant than its counterpart and ride under the surface.  Fish this pattern in slower water. When standing and fishing the pattern out of a boat (as a dropper) if you see a fish move, but refusal your dry fly that same fish will often take your submerged fly. Raising your rod to remove the slack will often be rewarded by a hard pull.
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SIG0119 Silvey's Sub-merger Caddis, Tan 14 3 for $6.75

Silvey's Sub-merger Caddis, Olive
If a rise is spotted while fishing this pattern, cast it just above the rise and let it swing or dead drift to the spot of the rise.  Since this pattern will not be far under the surface anglers will see a boil or flash as their indication to set the hook.
This is a great pattern to fish behind a dry caddis that angler is skittering across the surface.  The action of skittering the dry will move this pattern quickly which will induce strikes on fish keyed on the swimming pupas.

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SIG0120 Silvey's Sub-merger Caddis, Olive 14 3 for $6.75

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