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Brian Silvey is a popular local fly fishing guide. Here is what Brian says about these caddis pupas:
Anglers fishing in the Rockies may not be as in tune with caddis because they have more options of food sources that trout focus on.  That gives these anglers the luxury of fishing attractor patterns, terrestrial patterns, mayfly patterns and stone fly patterns.  On the Deschutes the primary food source day in and day out for reside trout are caddis.  As a guide on this river it means I must have effective patterns that can imitate every stage of the caddis life cycle that fish will focus on to insure my clients are successful.

My Edible Emerger and Primetime Pupa are designed to target emerging caddis close to the surface or right in the surface film.  The above mentioned patterns can be fished deep for effective results but were not specifically designed to do so. 

I wanted to have a caddis emerger pattern specifically designed to be fished deeper and to get deep fast.  The result of this need is the Silvey’s Beadhead Pupa.  For weight I used a bead.  I chose pearl core braid as a quick sinking material for the body.  The pearl core braid is the same size as the bead and allows me to create a seamless taper from bead to end of body closely mimicking the tapered look of the natural.  The result is a pattern that has weight to get it down quick, materials that don’t float (and are not bulky) aiding in sinking the fly. These materials do not lose their caddis shape.  And like my other pupas the use of marabou created natural movement as the pattern is fished.

Note:  Natural caddis are very quick swimmers.  Do not be afraid to increase the speed of any of your presentations.  In particular as the line tightens up and the presentation is imitating the natural swimming towards shore.  One method to increase the speed of the fly is to put a down-stream mend in your line as the flies get below you.  Another method is to use the rod tip to lead the fly to shore almost dragging / leading them into shore.  To control the speed use the rod tip as an accelerator.  The faster the rod tip is moved to shore the faster the flies will move through the water and vice versa.

Silvey's Beadhead Pupa, Black
The Beadhead Pupa can be fished in the following ways. Try fishing your
Beadhead Pupa as a dropper off of a dry caddis such as a Twilight Elk Hair Caddis.  Make sure you let the fly swing tight against your line so the pupa riding below the point fly comes tight and begins to rise.  Trout key on this pattern as it starts to rise and you will most likely find the majority of the eats come during this part of the drift.
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SIG0232 Silvey's Beadhead Caddis Pupa, Black 16 3 for $6.75

Silvey's Beadhead Pupa, Olive
When fishing any color of Bead Head Pupa, use a 2 nymph system keeping the pupa higher in the water column.  My preferred method is to tie the pupa to the tag end of a blood knot with a larger heavier fly like a cased caddis or stone fly nymph, which is tied to the end of a 9-foot 4X.  Be sure to let the line tighten up at the end of the drift and let the fly swing to shore.  Trout key on this rise and swing similar to the natural caddis swimming aggressively towards shore.

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SIG0234 Silvey's Beadhead Caddis Pupa, Olive 16 3 for $6.75

Silvey's Beadhead Pupa, Tan
Try fishing any color of Bead Head Pupa on the swing.  Carry a shock loop to absorb the shock of a strike. In this case you can run a 2 fly rig with the bead pupa at the bottom and any of the following flies; Submerger Caddis, Diving Caddis, Edible Emerger & Primetime Pupa placed as point flies.  Cast the fly directly toward the center of the stream to give the patterns some time to sink.   Mend the line and then let it tighten up and swing towards shore.  Hang on, strikes fishing this method can be heart stopping.
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SIG0236 Silvey's Beadhead Caddis Pupa, Tan 16 3 for $6.75

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