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These are great flies designed by a great angler, fly engineer, fly tier, fishing guide, and friend, Brian Silvey.
Well is it spelled Sno-Cone, or is it Snow Cone? Originally on the Idylwilde Fly Company site, it was spelled Sno-Cone. I just looked looked at Brian's Blog and it is spelled Snow Cone there. On purpose we used both spelling for this page so that you can more easily find them here.
There was a pink & purple awakening in the mid-eighties in the lower 25-miles of the Deschutes River. Several steelhead guides were making parallel discoveries independent from each other. Randall Kaufmann's Freight Train became very popular. Then there was Ed Leach's Limit Lander, Rick's Revenge, and the ever popular Fly du Jour. All these flies were slight variations on a similar theme.
As Brian entered the world of professional guiding, he absorbed what was going on with older, more experienced guides. Being quiet, but extremely competitive, Brian began carving out his niche by concentrating on the flies as targets for fish to eat. There is nothing that leads to a guide's business success more than clients hooking lots of fish. There is no better fly to start the day with, than the same fly that caught the fish, during the previous evening. The three flies below are the patterns that made Brian Silvey a legend on the Deschutes.
As Brian refined his set of "guide flies", the hooks got stouter, but the flies became whisper, more streamlined, and more active in the water.
First in this system of guide flies, was the Bubble Gum. It started out as a nearly exact copy of Rick Wren's famous Rick's Revenge fly (which may be also credited to John Shewey). The Bubble Gum has now evolved over twenty + years. It now contains more pink and less purple than at the start, and it is now tied on a heavy wire, wide gap nickel plated Steelhead-Iron hook. This is a deadly fly on the Deschutes River, especially during the early season. The other two flies in the series share the heavy hook/flowing life-like action design parameters.

Sno-Cone, Bubble Gum Sno-Cone, Sour Apple Sno-Cone, Tang

Sno-Cone, Bubble Gum
White on white is very difficult to photograph. If you tilt your head back and forth across the picture, you will be able to see that the white wing extends to just beyond the rear end of the pink trailer. The hackle fibers reach to the rear of the body. The finish work on these flies is show quality. Being able to control specific materials in this way produces a fly that is hydro-dynamically stable. Controlled with the right angle of presentation, this type of pattern becomes a very easy predictable target for a fish, and it retains a lot of enticing action. These flies are very predictable to cast. They are nearly like casting a bare hook.
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SIG1513 Sno-Cone, Bubble Gum, Steelhead Fly 5 3 for $7.50

Sno-Cone, Sour Apple

As Brian perfected his steelhead design and construction skills, he was heavily influenced by Steve Gobin, a classic salmon fly tier.
One of the features of the Sno-Cone series is the space between the up-turned eye of the hook and the tiny bullet shaped head. That space can be used when the leader is connected through the eye with a turl knot.
The Sour Apple is built around another popular summer steelhead fly color scheme; black and green. Other popular flies in this category are the Green Ant and Green But Skunk.

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SIG1515 Sno-Cone, Sour Apple, Steelhead Fly 5 3 for $7.50

Sno-Cone, Tang

The Tang closely resembles a Limit Lander, which was a very popular fly of the late eighties and early nineties. Purple and orange are often the most effective color combination for early evening, or at least it seems that way. Purple and pink in the morning, purple and orange in the afternoon. It would be hare to prove conclusively that it isn't true.

Luck often favors the angler with the fly in the water.

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SIG1517 Sno-Cone, Tang, Steelhead Fly 5 3 for $7.50

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