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Johnson's Riffle Raper

Looking at the history of swung flies for not just for Steelhead but for Atlantic Salmon as well. Claret or wine colored flies have had a place in the color spectrum of anglers around the globe. I first started noticing the effective nature of this color about 9 years ago.  I had 2 different groups of sports at different times though out the Summer Steelhead season were doing rather well. The first fished a classic Irish pattern called the "Irishman's Claret" this simple but eye catching fly seemed to shine, even when fishing was tough. The other group had an adaptation of a "Fiddle D" was a very popular Steelhead fly at the end of the last century.

After seeing how many fish these groups consistently brought to their flies, showed me the need for a few claret flies in my box. As a tier I kind of combined the two patterns. I can honestly tell you when times are tough and my sports start getting fly anxiety I go with the flow and trust my choices.... and I trust this one. You will too. 
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37-1100-07 Johnsons's Riffle Raper Steelhead Fly 7 3 for $7.50

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