Quigley's Midget Caddis

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Brown Olive
Bob Quigley will be remembered for the many innovative fly patterns he originated for fishing trout and steelhead. When copying nature Bob threw the book away, often starting from scratch when portraying some hitherto unseen facet of a hatch. Often his flies were immediately copied by other tiers and anglers. In many ways Bob Quigley had the same effect on fly tying as Bob Dylan had on music...genius and originality. Bob Quigley passed away June 13. 2012.

Quigley's Midget  Caddis, Brown

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SIG1644 Quigley's Midget Caddis, Brown 20 3 for $5.85

Quigley's Midget  Caddis, Olive

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SIG1645 Quigley's Midget  Caddis, Olive 16 3 for $5.85

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