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Weedless Panfish Poppers 
Also very good for Small Mouth Bass & Large Mouth Bass
Bee Popper Black Popper Green Popper
Bee Diver Black Diver Green Diver
Complete Set Deadly Popper / Trailer-Nymph Setup
Can you imagine, some companies actually sell panfish flies that don't have weed guards.  Panfish are ambush fish.  They like to work at close range.  Weed beds provide the densest cover.  And of course weed beds are most fully grown during the warmest part of the year when panfish are most active.  Panfish metabolism is high during the summer months.  Panfish are voracious feeders and easy to catch....if you can fish right in the weeds.  Our Panfish Poppers have very strong weed guards. They are absolutely the best quality you can buy. Bass like them too, even very large bass.

Bee Popper Weedless Panfish Fly
The swamp has its charm with hanging moss and wreaths of mist.  So does a desert lake with Mule Deer and Prairie Falcons amid sage brush and barren basalt.  Panfish waters are common from Central America and Mexico to Southern Canada.  Panfish lakes and ponds are greatly varied in habitat and personality. 

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23425 Bee Popper Weedless Panfish Fly 10 3 for $11.85

Black Popper Weedless Panfish Fly
One thing is for sure. Panfish are fascinating to study and they live in some very interesting places.  If you are an angler, there are no bad places where wild game fish live.  This is especially true if the fish are easy to catch.  Panfish are so called because they are about the right size for a frying pan.  Panfish are prolific breeders and voracious feeders.  

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23426 Black Popper Weedless Panfish Fly 10 3 for $11.85

Green Popper Weedless Panfish Fly
Panfish can easily over-populate some bodies of water to the point that they can completely strip an entire food chain.  Then they become stunted and small.  The best thing for most panfish populations is heavy predation, either by anglers or larger fish.  Most panfish are very good to eat.  Panfish are also a lot of fun to catch on light gear. 

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23427 Green Popper Weedless Panfish Fly 10 3 for $11.85

Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, Bee
Not all fish have to be big or hard to catch to be sporting.  There is a certain charm about fishing for small fish with extremely light gear.  Panfish are most fun when caught on a #2 to #5 weight fly rod. Panfish are very strong for their size and fight tenaciously, but they are not distance runners. The fly reel can be simple. Large arbor is good.


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23424 Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, Bee 8 3 for $11.85

PanfishDiver Weedless Fly, Black
No expensive drag is required in the fly reel, nor is there any need for backing behind the fly line.  The biggest single asset that your rod/reel outfit must have is extreme casting accuracy in the 20' to 40' ranges.  One of the best ways to fish for panfish is to watch for feeding activity.  This usually is most apparent during the warmest, brightest periods.  

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23422 Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, Black 8 3 for $11.85

Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, Green
Actively feeding panfish can be splashy.  Target those areas with your weedless panfish fly.  If the action is slower than you like, change flies until you find the one they like the best.  We're betting that one is on this page.  

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23423 Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, Green 8 3 for $11.85

Complete set of Weedless Panfish Flies
(2) each of the above flies.   (2)Bee Popper, (2)Black Popper, (2)Green Popper, (2)Bee Diver, (2)Black Diver, (2)Green Diver. There are 12 flies in all. Price includes postage.
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PANSET Complete set of Weedless Panfish Flies. 12 flies in all. $46.95 Out of Stock

Popper & Nymph drawing by Mark Bachmann.

Deadly Popper / Trailer Nymph Rig
These little poppers and divers also work very well as strike indicators for a suspended nymphs.  Tie a length of leader to the bend of the popper hook, and then tie a small bead head nymph to the other end.  This two fly rig can be incredibly productive. You do have to pick your spots though, as this  

 set up has its limitations in dense cover. When the weeds are thick the popper fishes best by itself. Where this two-fly set-up is at its best is along the outer margins of the weeds.

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