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Water Boatman, Burke's Rojo Grande Midge, Red Goat Leech, Black/Red
Tak's Crystal Chironomid Chironomid Bomber Tungsten Thin Mint
Chrome Chironomid No Named Damsel Q's Seductive Dragon
Chironomid Pupa Picky Fish Damsel B. H. Stillwater Nymph
Rojo Grande Midge, Olive Sierra Damsel, Olive Rickard's A.P.E. Gray
Rojo Grande Midge, Black Red Head Leech Rickard's A.P.E. Olive
Many Pacific Northwest Lakes offer serenity and very large trout. The desert lakes of Central Oregon and Washington can be incredibly prolific in foods that grow trout quickly to very large sizes. Some privately managed fish-for-fee lakes offer trout that range to over twenty pounds that can be caught from float tubes. Fishing with 2X tippets is not that uncommon. Needless to say these trout aren't always push-overs. You better have the right flies. Our lake fly selection is always evolving. The patterns below are our latest additions. Each was added because of specific insight.

Water Boatman, Burke's
Water boatmen are reported to occur in fresh water through out most of the world. In certain local ponds lakes and reservoirs they occur in dense populations. In the edge water of many local rivers with habitats as diverse as the spring fed Deschutes to the glacial fed Sandy River, water boatmen populations can be very prolific. When other aquatic insects are still dormant from the cold of winter, water boatmen can be very

active. Water boatmen have the hind two pairs of legs fitted with hairs and the outer joints of the hind legs are oar-shaped which allows them to paddle and swim. Adults range in length from 3/16 to 3/8 inch long and are usually dull colored brown or olive. Water boatmen often swim in open water where they are easy prey for trout. They are comfortable in cold water and often a good choice for an early season trout fly in lakes. Water Boatmen are strong swimmers. Retrieve your fly with quick six inch strips. Water boatmen are often prolific in lake edge-water when the lake levels are high in early spring. The best line for fishing these areas is the Teeny 5' Phantom Tip.
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14072 Water Boatman, Burke's 12 3 for $6.75

Tak's Crystal Chironomid
Colorado fly fisher and Umpqua Fly Designer, Rick Takahashi considers midges the most important year-round foods source for trout and they are in almost every stream and lake around the world. The Crystal Chironomid is ulra realistic, and the last straw for spooky trout. Dangle one of these under your indicator.

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19474 Tak's Crystal Chironomid 14 3 for $6.75

Chrome Chironomid
As the real critters hatch they become very shiny. The Chrome Chironomid is kind of goofy looking, but now when stuck in a trout's jaw. They work.

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MDE0064 Chrome Chironomid 14 3 for $6.75
MDE0109 Chrome Chironomid 16 3 for $6.75
MDE0110 Chrome Chironomid 18 3 for $6.75

Snow Cone Chironomid Pupa
This is the standard fly for fishing under a strike indicator. The real pupas often suspend in a vertical position. Thingamabobber Strike Indicators are very good for this type of fishing. Make a right-angle junction at your indicator. Be sure that the tippet below the indicator has been straightened. Cast it out and let it sit. Adjust the the depth of the fly until you find fish. Usually if there are fish around, it won't take long.

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11806 Snow Cone Chironomid Pupa 10 3 for $6.75
11807 Snow Cone Chironomid Pupa 12 3 for $6.75
11808 Snow Cone Chironomid Pupa 14 3 for $6.75
11809 Snow Cone Chironomid Pupa 16 3 for $6.75

Rojo Grande Midge, Olive
Another ""under-the-bobber" midge pupa.

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10475 Rojo Grande Midge Tungsten Bead, Olive 14 3 for $6.75

Rojo Grande Midge, Black
Another ""under-the-bobber" midge pupa.

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110471 Rojo Grande Midge Tungsten Bead, Black 12 3 for $6.75

Rojo Grande Midge, Red
Another ""under-the-bobber" midge pupa.

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110477 Rojo Grande Midge Tungsten Bead, Red 12 3 for $6.75

Chironomid Bomber, Black/Red
Some Chironomids in desert lakes grow very large. This is a must have fly for fishing east of the Cascades.

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111791 Chironomid Bomber, Black and Red 10/TD> 3 for $6.75

Picky Fish Damsel

As damsel fly nymphs mature, they turn darker and this is an average color in many lakes. The long, sparse marabou tail gives this fly a swimming action. Fish this fly very slowly. When Damsels hatch during mid-summer, use a floating & long leader in very shallow water. It is almost like fishing for bone fish.

Item Description Size Price To Top
119938 Picky Fish Damsel 12 3 for $8.25

No Named Damsel
During the summer in many lakes nearly everything is coated with green plant life, including most of the things that trout feed on.

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11336 No Named Damsel 12 3 for $6.75

Sierra Damsel, Olive
This is a deadly fly, tied on a deadly TMC Super-Point Hook. This a very good mid-season fly. Use a very slow sinking line, such as the Teeny Phantom Tip 5' and fish the shallow edges for cruising trout.
Item Description Size Price To Top
13876 Sierra Damsel, Olive 12 3 for $6.75

Red Head Leech
There is no arguing the success of long skinny wormy looking things when fishing in lakes. This fly fishes most of the year, but is often at its best when crawled the bottom with a very slow hand-twist retrieve.

Item Description Size Price To Top
BST0257 Red Head Leech 8 3 for $6.75

Goat Leech, Black/Red
Black & red is a deadly combination in leech patterns. Long sloe strips on the retrieve are often best. Crawl it along the bottom of the lake.

Item Description Size Price To Top
17472 Goat Leech, Black/Red 8 3 for $6.75

Tungsten Thin Mint
Standard Wooly Bugger design incorporating all the standard colors for lake flies; black, brown, olive, pearl, gold and peacock. It's a winner. Great searching fly. fish it at all depths with a variety of retrieves.

Item Description Size Price To Top
13287 Tungsten Thin Mint 6 3 for $6.75
13288 Tungsten Thin Mint 8 3 for $6.75

Q's Seductive Dragon, Olive
Fat green dragon fly nymphs are prolific in weedy lakes. this soft fuzzy pattern comes alive in the water and big trout like it.

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SIG2058 Q's Seductive Dragon, Olive 8 3 for $6.75

Bead Head Stillwater Nymph
Just came from Pronghorn Lake. Our cabin had a picture of lake fishing wizard Denny Rickards holding a Kamloop across his float tube that was weighed at 24-pounds. The Stillwater Nymph is one of Denny's favorite fly creations.
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09-0104-12 Bead Head Stillwater Nymph 12 3 for $6.75

Rickard's A.P. Emerger, Gray
Denny Rickards hunts for the huge trout that inhabit the still waters of the Klamath basin. The gray emerger is on of the flies that has landed lots of success.
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09-0160-10 Rickard's A.P. Emerger, Gray 10 3 for $6.75

Rickard's A.P. Emerger, Olive
Just another olive lake trout candy.
Item Description Size Price To Top
09-0170-10 Rickard's A.P. Emerger, Olive 10 3 for $6.75

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