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Musky/Pike Flies
These flies work for Muskies, Tiger Muskies, Large Pike and Peacock Bass

Bush Pig, Black/Red

Chuck-n-Duck Olive/Yellow

CF Baitfish, Perch

  Sage Musky & Pike Rods

CF Chuck-n-Duck Olive/Yellow

When fishing still water for smart, wary fish, movement is of the utmost importance. If your fly looks like a ten inch long stick bait being pulled through the water column on your ten weight, you’re line isn’t going to go tight too often. Our fish in the Northwest have a lot of forage to prey on, from squawfish to small trout, the options abound for our musky out West. Baitfish patterns like the CF Chuck-n-Duck have a place in my fly box because they represent a lot of the prey these fish see on a day in, day out basis. The movement of the EP fibers that make the body of the fly and subtle flash represent a more subdued, more lifelike fly for chasing toothy critters. As with all predatory fish, the big eye seems to be a key factor in attracting these large predators as well.
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500f-92 CF Chuck-n-Duck Olive/Yellow 2/0 $7.75

Hamilton’s Bush Pig 2/0 Black/Red

Like any other fish worth chasing, musky get picky. After seeing nothing but ten to fourteen inch flies, smaller and less obtrusive flies can be the way to go. A unique blend of synthetic materials goes into the Bush Pig. In the heat of summer when fish have been beaten up with the usual large, flashy flies, these fish can be enticed simply by changing things up a bit. Hamilton’s Bush Pig may look like a small blip on the radar amongst the larger, more popular flies most anglers are throwing, but stands alone as a go to fly when things get tough out there. It may look insignificant alongside larger flies in the box, but believe me when I say, it fishes BIG!
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iEH001r-92 Hamilton's Bush Pig, Black/Red 2/0 $6.95

Rainy's CF Baitfish, Perch
In many northern lakes, Muskies and Pike feed on Yellow Perch. Sometimes the big predator fish will eat anything that gets in theie terretory, but often large mature fish have been hooked before and are wise and cautious. As in all all fishing siturations, it pays to match the hatch, and if you are fishing lakes, which have abundant Yellow Perch, this fly will do that.
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743w-92 Rainy's CF Baitfish, Perch 2/0 $6.95

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