Muddler Minnows

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Muddler Minnow
The original Sculpin pattern is the Muddler Minnow. It was invented by Don Gapen, around 1950 to catch brook trout from the Nippigon River system. Since then the versatile Muddler has been used to catch many different species of game fish under a wide range of circumstances. It is one of the have-to-have flies for every collection.

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About Marabou Muddler Minnows
Another Sculpin pattern, which has been popular over the years, is the Marabou Muddler. It has been used to capture all species of trout in both lakes and streams and is a popular steelhead fly. It incorporates marabou in the wing for a life-like shimmery swimming action. Our patterns are weighted but must be fully saturated with water before they will sink. The Marabou Muddler is also a very productive fly for both large and small mouth bass.

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