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Morejohn's Bantam, Black & Blue
Morejohn's Bantum
Within the last decade the popularity of heavy, large profile Steelhead flies like the famous 'Intruder' and others has grown dramatically amongst guides and anglers alike, especially in the PNW.  Many anglers (who are not professionals or strong casters. i.e.: most customers of lodges, guides and fly shops) have found it difficult to master the skills necessary to make fishable casts with heavy flies even when using the right equipment.
The Bantam was designed to be fished with both the longer heavier traditional winter steelhead rods and the newer shorter and lighter “switch” rods.  The idea is to have a cross-over pattern that can be fished effectively for winter (targeted mostly for March and April winters where water temps are starting to rise) and summer steelhead.  The Bantam was also designed to be cast with both a sink tip and a dry line.
The Bantam was designed to have a strong profile, good movement, sink quickly, and yet be smaller, lighter and easy to pick up and cast with either a Skagit line or a Dry line. (With or without a sink tip)  This ability to be fished in dramatically different conditions along with its ease of casting for the average fly consumer is what separates the Bantam from the other intruder style flies currently on the market.
The attached stinger hook provides great hook up to landing ratios helping insure success for customers.
The attached stinger hook provides great hook up to landing ratios helping insure success for customers.

This Chromer fell for a Purple Bantam
How should an angler fish this fly for the best results?
(What techniques should be employed when fishing this fly?)
The flexibility of the Bantam allows the angler to choose the method they prefer in their own fishing situation. Using a floating line with a sinking polyleader is ideal as it is a very enjoyable and effective way to fish the Bantam for summer steelhead or in low clear water conditions. The angler can present the fly to lies that are 3-5' deep with minimum casting effort. Employing the greased line method with a floating line is an exhilarating way to experience the “take” but used almost exclusively when fishing for summer run steelhead.

The relatively small size of the Bantam excels when using a Skagit head with a sink tip especially when the water is low, clear and cold and the fish are deep and skittish.  A lighter Skagit set-up is also very effective with the Bantam when fishing for summer run fish and the sun is on the water and the fish are down.
Note: When using a floating shooting head with long leaders it is important to open the loop slightly on the forward cast so the stinger hook does not foul on the leader.

Morejohn's Bantam, Black and Blue
Black & blue are colors generally associated with glacial colored rivers and cold water. While it's true that this Bantam is a real producer under these conditions, it also works well under many conditions when the water is warmer. Pictured below is a hatchery stray caught from the John Day River, which has no glaciers within the watershed. Bantams have a lot of wiggle when wet and can get most steelhead moving.

Morejohn's Bantam, Black & Blue

Morejohn's Bantam, Black & Blue
Steelhead hit Bantams hard. Check out the corner of the mouth hook-up on this fish.
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SIG1475 Morejohn's Bantam, Black and Blue #4 -2" 3 for $10.50

Morejohn's Bantam, Green Butt
There have been many deadly flies tied in the green-butt theme. The Green Butt Bantam woks any time of year, under most conditions, but is especially productive through the spring and summer months. Try this fly on the Deschutes during periods when steelhead refuse to come to the surface. Use a Skagit line and sinking tip or a Scandi Line with a sinking PolyLeader. It could change your luck.

Morejohn's Bantam, Green Butt

Green Butt Bantum
This Green Butt Bantam landed this late winter fish for one on Mark's clients.
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SIG1590 Morejohn's Bantam, Green Butt #4 -2" 3 for $10.50

Morejohn's Bantam, Orange
The Orange Bantam is a good bet for coastal rivers, especially during the early winter months. This is also a proven color scheme for bright days any time of year. When water flows are low, clear and cold try casting the Orange Bantam slightly upstream and let it dead drift and then broadside swing through calmer water areas.

Morejohn's Bantam, Orange

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SIG1476 Morejohn's Bantam, Orange #4 -2" 3 for $10.50

Morejohn's Bantam, Pink
The Pink Bantam at right has hooked two steelhead. When I inventoried pictures for the Bantam page, it was realized that a pink model hadn't been added to the mix. The two alternatives were to drive to the shop and pick up a new pretty one, or raid my chest-pocket zip-lock for a used one. You know which was the least amount of effort. The best looking used one was a wrinkled looking mess, which of course happens when they are put away wet. So I applied a liberal amount of saliva & preening, along

with some blow drying. And there you have the slightly dishevel, but slim and graceful little pink critter in the picture. Remembering how great it felt, the two steelhead she hooked. One was a screamer, the other was a kelt.
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SIG1477 Morejohn's Bantam, Pink #4 -2" 3 for $10.50

Morejohn's Bantam, Purple
The Purple Bantam is a good bet any time of year, but is a have to have fly for October/November east of the Cascades. Red Band Steelhead love purple. Dredge this fly slow and deep over big cobble. Get read for that good ol' deep hard pull, because it's coming.

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SIG1491 Morejohn's Bantam, Purple #4 -2" 3 for $10.50

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