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Weedless Mega-Diver Bass Flies  

  Striped Mustard  
You kick along stealthily in your pontoon boat fifty feet from the shore of the lake.  The edge water is shallow.  The bottom tapers gently from one to five feet deep.  A mixture of floating algae mats, elodea, grasses, sedges, cattails and lily pads provide the perfect habitat.  The air is dead calm and mellow with morning sun light.  All is quiet. Then there is a little quiver in the grass forty feet away....  A bass is stalking something,
positioning for an ambush.  You drop the mustard colored Diver gently....three feet in front of where you think the fish's nose is.  There is no response to the bulky fly as it rests on the water and you think you might be mistaken or that the bass has slipped away unnoticed.  Finally after several minute you barely move your rod tip, just enough to make the Diver turn a little and wiggle the soft silicone legs.  Nothing can prepare you for the explosion as a large bass charges from two feet away, bronze colored back out of the water, white mouth wide open and engulfs the fly with utter savagery.  You set the hook and the rod is yanked down hard.  You pull back with equal ferocity knowing that if you give the fish his head he will ball you up in the weeds and be gone. The fight is ended quickly and the fish is released to grow even bigger.  Your Mega-Diver is still in great shape. You hunt....for the next fish.   Get your bass in gear !!!

Mega Diver, Striped Mustard Color
The Striped Mustard Mega-Diver is toned down to more nearly match natures colors. The yellowish & black tones could be frog-like or be a mouse or baby muskrat or a water dog or salamander. It could even be a baby bird....mmm yum.
These Diver heads are Epoxy coated for shine and extreme durability!

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00579-06 Mega-Diver Bass Fly, Striped Mustard 6 3 for $14.85

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