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Black Dark Spruce


Olive Grizzly

The Matuka series originated in New Zealand. It is unique because the long feather-wing is lashed to the body with a spiral wrap of oval tinsel. This strategy prevents fouling and has a unique action in the water. We use two matched dyed Badger saddle hackles on the brown and olive patterns. This gives each fly a black lateral line. A rather long dense collar hackle blends with the wing and assumes the shape of a fish's head when wet. Matukas can be used to simulate several prime game fish foods such as Sculpins, Leeches and juvenile Lampreys. In the Pacific Northwest Matuka style flies have caught Black Bass, Red Sides, Sea Runs, Steelhead and Chinooks.

Matuka, Black
This fly works in lakes, rivers large and small.  It is proven on steelhead, trout & bass.


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02131-06 Matuka, Black 6 3 for $5.85  

Matuka, Olive
This is a great fly in many rivers and lakes for trout, bass and many other species of carnivorous fish.


Item Description Size Price To Top
021129-04 Matuka, Olive 4 3 for $5.85  
021129-06 Matuka, Olive 6 3 for $5.85  

Matuka, Dark Spruce
This can be a very productive sea run cutthroat fly.  Fish it under the streamside vegetation with a sinking tip line.   


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16530 Matuka, Dark Spruce 6 3 for $5.85  

Matuka, Olive Grizzly
Sometimes this fly is best fished deep and dead drift to look like a leech drifting down a river.  Other times it produces best when fished with a sinking tip line to mimic a Sculpin or other baitfish swimming along the bottom.  Often this fly gets strikes when nothing els is working.
Item Description Size Price To Top
00514-06 Matuka, Olive Grizzly 6 3 for $5.85  
00514-10 Matuka, Olive Grizzly 10 3 for $5.85  

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