Mahogany Dun Mayfly

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Paradun Parachute

Mahogany Dun nymphs can live in faster water, but migrate to calm water to hatch.  This can be quiet water along the shore or larger slicks behind mid-stream boulders or trailing weeds.  The trout know this and often move with the insects providing some great dry fly fishing.  Hatches occur in early spring and late fall and often provide surface fishing when no other 

hatches are available.  Mahogany Duns are of the genus Paraleptophlebia. The following is encapsulated from Western Mayfly Hatches: "There are 39 North American species, 25 Western species, of which 5 species are very important to the fly fisher.  Some western species, for example Paraleptophlebia gregalis, begin to emerge as early as March, with hatches common in April and May.  These species grow through summer as nymphs, overwinter as nearly mature nymphs before hatching in spring. Other species, such as P. debilis and the largest specie of all, P. bicortuta, hatch in the fall, starting in early September and continuing through October and even early November. Hatches usually begin in late morning and continue through mid-afternoon.  Emergence in spring is prompted when water temperature reaches 50-degrees for several days. Emergence in the fall is prompted when water temperature cools to around the 50-degree mark."
Western Mayfly Hatches is required reading if you really want to become familiar with this hatch.

Mahogany Dun, Paradun
Colors may vary between watersheds and time of year.  Probably several different sub-species might be involved.  This is a darker version as tied by Bob Quigley.  It has been a good producer on both the Deschutes and Yakima Rivers.
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Q229-14 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 14 3 for $5.85
Q229-16 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 16 3 for $5.85
Q229-18 Mahogany Dun, Paradun 18 3 for $5.85

Mahogany Dun, Parachute
This is a slightly lighter colored fly.  It has been a very good producer on both the Deschutes and Yakima Rivers for both spring and fall hatches.
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2009-14 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 14 3 for $5.85

2009-16 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 16 3 for $5.85

2009-18 Mahogany Dun, Parachute 18 3 for $5.85

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