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Thurm's Swimming Leech Burgundy/Black Mohair Leech, Black
Thurm's Swimming Leech Olive/Brown Mohair Leech, Olive
Goat Leech, Black/Red Mohair Leech, Red

Thurm's Swimming Leech, Burgundy/Black
This is always a great fly to try if the water you are fishing is murky, such as after storms, which stirred up the water with wave action. Leeches are always more active in low-light conditions, and this dark fly can be your best choice first thing in the morning.

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16-1760-08 Thurm's Swimming Leech Burgundy/Black 8 3 for $6.75

Thurm's Swimming Leech, Olive/Brown
We first used flies like this while fishing Davis Lake back in the days when it was loaded with big trout. Fished with an intermediate line, this lightweight fly will hover over the weed tops and enable you to retrieve it very slowly. This is also an effective pattern to use just after ice out in most lakes.

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16-1740-08 Thurm's Swimming Leech Olive/Brown 8 3 for $6.75

Goat Leech, Black/Red
Black & red is a deadly combination in leech patterns. Long slow strips on the retrieve are often best. Crawl it along the bottom of the lake. The Goat Leech has been proven in many reservoirs for both trout and bass.

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17472 Goat Leech, Black/Red 8 3 for $6.75

Mohair Leech, Black
Black is a universal color, especially early in the season while the water is still very cold. Crawl your black fly across the bottom very slowly using a very slow sinking line. This is a very effective techique, but can only be done early in the season before weeds start to grow.

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16-0280-10 Mohair Leech, Black 10 3 for $6.75

Mohair Leech, Olive
This light olive fly works best after a lake warms and the weeds and algae begins to grow. This is your classic inch-and-a-half-long-and-green lake fly which is often the best size and color for your most productive alkaline desert lakes.

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16-0310-10 Mohair Leech, Olive 10 3 for $6.75

Mohair Leech, Red
The red leech can be deadly when the water is still very cold in the spring. A good method to try is to keep your boat 50-60 feet from the shore and cast your fly into the shallow edge water. Use a very slow sinking line, or a floating line so you can move the fly very slowly back to you.

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16-0290-10 Mohair Leech, Red 10 3 for $6.75

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