Lake Fly Nymph Directory

Lake Fly Nymph Directory for fishing for trout in lakes

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Lake Fly Nymph Directory

The majority of trout from lakes are caught on flies that are fished subsurface.

No Name Damsel

Picky Fish Damsel

Sierra Damsel

Tan Damsel

Seductive Dragon

AP Emerger, Olive

AP Emerger, Tan

Stillwater Nymph

Water Boatman, Burk's

Water Boatman, Morris

Goat Leech

Flash-a-Bugger, Blac

Flash-a-Bugger, Black/Olive

Flash-a-Bugger, Brown

Flash-a-Bugger, Olive

Flash-a-Bugger, Peacock

B.H. Bugger, Black

B.H. Bugger, Brown

B.H. Bugger, Olive

B.H. Bugger,White

B.H. CrystalBugger, Black

B.H. CrystalBugger, White

B.H. Thin Mint

Swimming Leech, Burgundy

Swimming Leech, Olive

Mohair Leech, Black

Mohair Leech, Olive

Mohair Leech, Red

B.H. Leech, Black

B.H. Leech, Maroon

B.H. Leech, Olive

B.H. Mini Leech, Black

B.H. Mini Leech, Olive

B.H. Mini Leech, Wine

Red Head Leech

Callibaetis, Emerging

Gold Rib Hares Ear

Olive Hares Ear

Pheasant Tail Nymph

P.T. Nymph, Flashback

Zug Bug

Bead Head Zug Bug


Criss Cross Chironomid, Black

V-Rib Midge Pupa, Black

V-Rib Midge Pupa, Red

Tak's Crystal Chironomid

Rojo Grande Midge, Black

Rojo Grande Midge, Olive

Rojo Grande Midge, Red

B H Chironomid, Black/Red

Chrome Chironomid

B H Zebra Midge, Black

B H Zebra Midge, Red

Two-Tone Zebra Midge,Bk/Rd

Two-Tone Zebra Midge, Ol/Rd

Scud, Olive

B.H. Pearly Scud, Pink

B.H. Pearly Scud, Tan

Perfect Scud

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