Janssen's Minnow

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These Flies are genuine Hal Janssen Minnows made to Hal's personal specifications, not some cheap, inferior African knock-off.

Hal Janssen created the Jannsen Minnow series to replicate small forage fish that trout and bass feed on. Trout can be cannibalistic, feeding on their own young or the offspring of other trout species. Bass feed on young trout where both species occur in the same water. Both trout and bass will feed on shad.

Real Janssen Minnows are complex and time-consuming to tie. Mylar tubing is pulled over a fish-shaped cardboard form, which has been attached to the hook with tying thread. This becomes the body of the fly. Mylar tubing is then is pulled over this cardboard form and hand painted with the background colors of the fish it is meant to represent. Blushes, spots, dots and eyes are added in great detail. A coat of epoxy is then applied and let harden with a smooth, glossy finish. A short, dense marabou tail completes the fly and adds swimming action.

Janssen Minnows are easy to cast and they sink quickly. Order some before your next trip.
You'll like 'em.

Janssen Minnow, Brook Trout
Can be an excellent pattern in alpine lakes or any water that contains juvenile brook trout.
Item Description Size Price To Top
16678 Janssen Minnow, Brook Trout 4 $2.95

Janssen Minnow, Brown Trout
Big browns eat little, browns.
Item Description Size Price To Top
16686 Janssen Minnow, Brown Trout 4 $2.95

Janssen Minnow, Rainbow Trout
Little rainbows are food for bigger trout and bass.
Item Description Size Price To Top
16697 Janssen Minnow, Rainbow Trout 2 $2.95

16698 Janssen Minnow, Rainbow Trout 4 $2.95

16699 Janssen Minnow, Rainbow Trout 6 $2.95

Janssen Minnow, Shad
Juvenile shad are actively fed upon by many species of game fish.
Item Description Size Price To Top
16709 Janssen Minnow, Shad 2 $2.95

All hooks are barbless.

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