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Hopper, Dave's Parachute Hopper, Tan Carnage Hopper, Tan
Hopper, Joe's Thunder Thighs Hopper, Tan Carnage Hopper, Olive
Parachute Hopper, Olive Thunder Thighs Hopper, Yellow Donkey Kong Hopper
Following a prediction by the Department of Agriculture that there would be an unusually strong grasshopper population in eastern Oregon & Southern Idaho this summer, our crew found it to be so. The grasshopper hatch is unusually dense and trout in many areas of the region are keyed on these active jumping critters. Big trout like hoppers and often they are not very subtle about it. Rises can be every thing from gentle sips to crushing explosions.
Hoppers are adapted to feeding on grass and there are many places where the grass grows right to the edge of the water. Hoppers emerge from the ground in early spring when the ground is damp and grass is dispersed over the whole landscape. During this period grasshopper populations are also dispersed. In many areas as the land dries during the heat of summer, the grass dies off except for the moist margins of rivers and lakes. In late summer grasshoppers can reach highly condensed populations right at the waters edge. As the population density increases there is a lot of hopping around to establish new personal territories. Many hoppers find that they have hopped the wrong way and have to kick their way across the water back to the bank
Trout often station up right under the overhanging grass and wait in ambush.  Dave Whitlock termed this situation Hoppertunity! Other game fish such as bass and bluegills are also aware of hoppers. Hoppers are decent swimmers but heavy, low floaters. The hind, jumping legs are a prominent key. Hoppers hit the water hard and so should your offering.

This big Brown Trout crushed this hopper fly!

Hopper, Dave's
This Dave Whitlock pattern is probably the most popular grasshopper fly in the Pacific Northwest. It rides the water much like a grasshopper.  The flat face on the head of this fly accentuates the commotion of the fly when it is twitched (swam) across the surface of the water.

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16930 Hopper, Dave's 6 3 for $7.50
16931 Hopper, Dave's 8 3 for $7.50
16932 Hopper, Dave's 10 3 for $7.50
16933 Hopper, Dave's 12 3 for $7.50

Hopper, Joe's
Ya, this old pattern still catches fish and is a favorite of many older experienced anglers for fishing meadow streams.

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16850 Joes Hopper 8 3 for $7.50
16851 Joes Hopper 10 3 for $7.50

Parachute Hopper, Olive
This fly is easy to see and is a favorite where game fish are feeding on greenish grasshoppers.  It is designed to be at its best in fast water where less buoyant patterns tend to be pulled under to quickly.

Item Description Size Price To Top
16912 Parachute Hopper, Olive 10 3 for $7.50
16913 Parachute Hopper, Olive 12 3 for $7.50

Parachute Hopper, Tan
Most of the hoppers where we live are this color in these sizes.  This is a great pattern for searching the fast water at the edge of the grass in August.

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16908 Parachute Hopper, Tan 10 3 for $7.50

Thunder Thighs Hopper, Tan
A first sight this is a very impressionistic hopper imitation. But when you consider that a great amount of hopper fishing is done from a moving drift boat, this design makes sense.  A hopper with built in floatation doesn't take false casting to dry out.  Most of the trout that eat hoppers live very close to the bank.  You float down the middle of the river and cast tight to the banks.   (Continued below).

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19767 Thunder Thighs Hopper, Tan 10 3 for $7.50

Thunder Thighs Hopper, Yellow
Trout often listen for the splat of a hopper hitting the surface as their first detection of prey.  The reaction is usually pretty quick.  The best approach is to cast often, letting the fly drift only 3-6 feet before picking it up and casting again.  Twitch it once every foot of drift

Item Description Size Price To Top
19770 Thunder Thighs Hopper, Yellow 8 3 for $7.50

Carnage Hopper, Tan
Won't sink.  Great for fishing along the banks on your favorite trout or smallmouth bass stream.  Hits the water hard like a hopper.  The rubber legs kick like a hopper.

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29-0430-10 Carnage Hopper, Tan 10 3 for $7.50

Carnage Hopper, Olive
Grass is green, so it just stands to reason that some families of grasshoppers are also green. Grasshoppers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and even though most trout are opportunistic during hopper season, it still pays to match the hatch.

Item Description Size Price To Top
29-0434-10 Carnage Hopper, Olive 10 3 for $7.50

Donkey Kong Hopper
This may be the most common color and size of grasshopper found in the Pacific Northwest. These hoppers are prominant from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains.
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29-0580-12 Donkey Kong Hopper 12 3 for $7.50

The Hopper/Stone is a great mid-summer searching pattern for brush-lined streams!

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