Goddard Caddis

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Goddard Caddis   Goddard Caddis, Rusty
The story goes that the idea for the pattern was developed by John Goddard and his friend, Clive Hendry, in London, England. They gave the idea to noted fly tier, Andre Puyans, who at the time owned a fly shop in San Jose, CA.  The pattern was tied from spun deer hair and trimmed to the shape of a caddis. At first the Goddard Caddis was used on lakes, but due to it's high floatability, it soon migrated to the fast moving streams of the Sierras. From there it has found it's way to the waters of nearly every region that grows trout.
We like to trim the bottom off the hackle so the fly rides flat on the water. Be sure to coat the body liberally with gel-type floatant to seal the open ends of the hollow hair. From our experience, Goddard Caddis flies are most likely to draw strikes when they are floating high on the water. In this mode they are really deadly when there are good populations of active adult caddis. They are less effective after they start to get water-logged. They seem to become extremely unattractive when sunk below the surface. Each fly is good for no more than two trout, then you want to replace it with a fresh one. Place the wet flies in/on a drier to be cleaned, preened and rejuvinated.

Goddard Caddis
This is the original Goddard Caddis in muted gray and brown tones. This fly has been used in many regions and on many waters, both flowing and still. After all these years it still catches fish when other flies fail. Be sure you have the full selection of sizes for your next fishing trip.

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10958 Goddard Caddis 14 3 for $5.85
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Goddard Caddis, Rusty
During mid-summer on larger rivers of the west dead spawned-out reddish brown caddis will litter the surface of the water in the afternoons. Selective trout will often key on this easy fare and ignore nearly everything else.

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19608 Goddard Caddis, Rusty 18 3 for $5.85

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