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Pink Tan White

Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink
The silicone "wiggle-tail" ripples and swims as the fly is retrieved.  This series of fly patterns have prominent eyes which are known targets for predatory game fish.  So do real shrimp. This fly scoots across the bottom with seductive motion and remains fairly shag free because of the stiff monofilament whiskers that protect the hook point.
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06329-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink 4 3 for $10.95

Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan
Many of our most esteemed saltwater flats species of game fish eat shrimp, including snook, bonefish, permit, redfish and sea trout.  Texas sea trout especially like the tan shrimp.  Try fishing the Pink Fly Tail Shrimp along the mangroves for shook.  The white shrimp is a proven pattern for permit and larger bonefish on light colored flats.
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06330-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan 4 3 for $10.95

Fly Tail Shrimp, White
Flies which have a lot of swimming motion attract attention and fire up the kill instincts in predatory fish. Fly Tail Shrimp patterns are easy to cast and are comparatively weedless.
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06331-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, White 4 3 for $10.95

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